Best college majors for jobs

Many students upon entering college immediately begin to worry about whether or not they should major in this topic, or that topic, or focus their course of study on one thing or another in order to prepare themselves for the real world. That anxiety and stress is natural, of course, but it is important to note that students need to step back and understand a lot of success can be had in a lot of different ways should you choose a variety of different college majors along the way.

While there are no guarantees, of course, nearly every major in college has a great deal of benefits to it, and you can find great things and wonderful success stories coming from literally every single degree. Because of that, let’s look at some of the best college majors and what makes them stand out so strongly, so that you can better pick a college major to not only suit your interests, but also to benefit your future in the real world:

Finance, Accounting, Business, Economics

Degrees in finance, accounting, business and economics are incredibly valuable and will always be in incredibly high demand in this world of business, money, and investments. No matter what course you take in the real world with your career after college, getting a degree in some type of business, finance, or economics will only help your career prospects as you learn the basic and more complex tenets of business math, macroeconomics, microeconomics, accounting, and everything else related to making money in the real world. Those who major in finance and related areas of study may also find it considerably easier to score a higher paying job coming out of college than those who major in less shovel-ready majors or areas of study like humanities, arts, or music.

The Natural Sciences

The natural sciences include physics, biology, chemistry, and a bunch of off-shoots that are found in many colleges: neuroscience, kinesiology, geology, organic chemistry, medicine, nursing, and even things like applied mathematics can be considered natural sciences and math under this umbrella. These majors can train you very technically in a wide variety of skills, and prepare you for very specific, and often very highly-paying jobs that will benefit and develop your career in time. In addition, careers around the natural sciences in things like nursing and medicine can provide long-lasting, stable, and challenging and enjoyable work environments where you are consistently and constantly helping people and enjoying your life and work balance!

Communications and Media Studies

Communications and media studies degrees can sometimes be catch-alls for people who weren’t sure what to major in during school, but they can also be very strong and solid degrees. From journalism, to public relations, to communications and film degrees, anyone who can talk, write, thing critically, analyze quickly, and read people around them can succeed in these fields. In addition, those who have those strengths and obtain these degrees can often go deep into not only the media realms, but also into sales, where their skills reading people and interacting and communicating with others can greatly benefit them as they can make money, too, and enjoy learning about those around them while developing a career simply off the strength of their own communication skills.

Liberal Arts

Liberal arts degrees are ideal for people for several different reasons – namely, for those who during college really just aren’t sure what they want to be when they grow up. That’s ok, to not know what you want to be when you grow up; it takes a great deal of time for some people to decide that and it’s important to understand it’s perfectly normal to embrace that time and develop a plan. In turn, though, liberal arts degrees can in the mean time provide you with the skills and analytical thought processes to think very deeply and very critically about something and see both sides of an issue – a skill that is unfortunately not taught enough in the real world in our society today. While unfocused in terms of one particular skill, liberal arts degrees are ideal for those who want to develop critical thinking skills and a very well-rounded idea of who they are as a person and where they can most benefit society in turn.

Art and Music

Now hear me out – even though we have just discussed how finance degrees can land you jobs, and art and music degrees can be tougher in the real world, there IS a benefit to studying arts, culture, and music in college. First and foremost, college is a time to figure out what it is you love, and what it is you love to do. If you love to do art and music, go for it! Study it in college! Now is your time to learn, grow, and develop an identity for yourself in the process. Don’t study finance only to hate your life and detest what it is you do every day – develop a life around art, music, theater, or whatever else you may be interested in, and go for it wholeheartedly!

Study Abroad

This one isn’t a major, per se, but if it’s possible for you, study abroad during college at least one time. Studying abroad helps you get a better sense of not only the world itself, but how and where you fit into it. Studying abroad can expand and broaden your horizons, and provide for you a much better idea of what it is you’re trying to accomplish in the world and where you might want to go.

All in all, what do you think you might want to study when college rolls around for you? The good news is, you can’t make a wrong decision – go with your heart, your gut, and your head, weigh the pros and cons of each major and area of study, and in the end do what you enjoy while working very hard at it in the process. You’ll find success and knowledge come to you in time, and that is the very point of attending school in the first place!