When I first started taking classes online, I have to admit that I was a little hesitant.  I knew on-campus classes would never work for me. I have a full-time, high stress career that doesn’t afford me the opportunity to plan ahead for anything. It’s not unlikely for me to receive a call at anytime of the day that sends me running to a computer to finish a last minute project. My decision to choose an online education was based on these five reasons:



If your situation is like mine, flexibility will be key in determining the method that is best for you. Taking online classes will allow you to work school in around your schedule, instead of trying to work your schedule around school. Most online colleges and universities use something called a portal to give student access to discussions, assignments and textbooks. This portal will be accessible from any computer that you have with Internet and many colleges have mobile apps that allow students to participate while on the go.

Plus, if you have an emergency that comes up, such as a death in the family or you just need to go away on a vacation for a few days, your classroom is completely mobile — pack up your laptop and take your classroom anywhere you go!


No Daycare Needed

When you have a family to support and bills to pay, it may feel as though school is just out of reach. Getting an education is just one more thing to add to the list of  expenses between costs of daycare to attend classes and time away from work, right?…Wrong. With an online education you don’t have to worry about daycare or even about taking time away from work. You get to stay home with your family while enjoying the feeling of accomplishment and pride that comes from learning a new skill.


Added Computer Skills

Let’s face it, you just can’t get out of using a computer nowadays. The job market is a tough place to compete especially with the younger generations that are at an advantage for having the experience with technology older generations don’t have. You may not have an interest in learning anything about using a computer, but learning computer skills is an asset in nearly any position. Taking classes online will give you the extra experience that you need and instructions on how to use it.


More Money

It may seem like a no-brainer, but beefing up on your education will land you a higher paying job and better benefits. On average a person with a Bachelor’s Degree will make  75 % more with an accumulated income of over $1 million more in their lifetime than a high school graduate. Being able to maintain your full time job while going to school will help to keep your finances on track until you are able to take the leap into a higher paying job.



One bummer with a local community college is that you often run into people that you already know with common experiences and outlooks. With an online college, you’ll be in classes with people all across the country.

Online colleges were once look upon as lacking the ability to imitate social interactions that students experienced on-campus. It’s just isn’t the case anymore. Many online colleges have developed social networks within their portals to allow students to communicate and ask for help. The University of Phoenix has even developed a chat feature for students. A student can view when their classmates are online and chat with them at the simple click of a button.



If you’re familiar with the way that a normal on-campus college works, you should have somewhat of an understanding of how summer breaks, winter breaks and spring breaks work. Online classes are often designed a little differently with no breaks in between classes. While this may seem like a chore, it will help to get you through your education a little faster. Many online colleges will get you through your Associate’s Degree in 1.5 years versus an on-campus rate of 2 years and your Bachelor’s Degree in 3 years versus an on-campus rate of 4 years.