Reasons why adults should continue educationIt used to be thought that adults had limited learning capacity, hence the adage, ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’. Research has shown this is incorrect. Their ability to learn decreases very slightly with age. What is important is the will to learn. If we have faith in ourselves we can achieve amazing things.

Adult education has two strands. There is the personal satisfaction in following a course of study and it can be for pleasure or because we want to take up a particular type of work.

Secondly there is the demonstration to employers that the individual has the capacity and willingness to learn new skills and develop professionally. This raises self esteem and professional confidence. To be up to date with the elements of our work means being able to do a better job and see possibilities for ourselves or our employers because we are informed.

Another part of this is that to learn something means you begin to change ideas because you see possibilities that were not visible before and because the sheer experience of new material alters perceptions of what is possible. For many this is an uncomfortable process but if you can show you are able to be flexible and improve skills you become a valuable member of any organization. Openness to ideas and better working practices helps employers to take their business forward and is appreciated. The praise received for achievement is always welcome.

Advances in Industry

The rate of change with science and technology means to be up to date is vital. For personal satisfaction, and for the needs of employers, we need to keep ourselves informed about what advances are happening. Those who like to be fashionable have no problem with this in having the latest gadget and knowing how to use it. Without realizing it, we are ensuring our education. There are other ways of keeping up to date such as ensuring we read current thinking and technology. This allows us to do the job we have chosen better.

Not many people are fortunate enough to grow up with a vocation for a particular job such as medicine or law. Most wonder what will be interesting, least boring and will pay enough to live on. Sometimes people drift into jobs. However, as we mature, we discover new interests and discover new ways of earning a living which we did not know about or which have emerged from the changes happening in the developments taking place. We might not be qualified for these opportunities but adult education allows us to take advantage by following courses to bring us up to date. Having the courage to accept that some real effort to take this further is needed and vital.

Online Learning for Adults

The benefits of online and distance learning is that being able to continue to earn a living can fit in with other commitments. It also means carefully thought out planning for how the course is to be covered. This requires discipline and organization to blend the needs of the course with the needs of family life and work. The trick is to understand what the course covers, then take it step by step. Concentrating on one thing at once stops the process from being overwhelming and it becomes achievable as each stage is mastered. Even if the individual dislikes routine, having one to cover the reading, write the assignments and take in the information, is essential. The bonus is that it is only for a short time, and all being well, the person can then relax the discipline because they are using their learning in their work.

Another aspect of working for qualifications at home is that there are no university living expenses to cover. The cost of the course and the materials such as books are the biggest expense. If the initial research for the right course to cover what the person wants to study is done well, a reputable supplier will offer all the challenges and structure needed.

For some there will be the opportunity to leave work and study full time for a course. Some companies support this and there are often grants and funds available from charities but they require care to search out. It also depends on where you live.

Adult education can be pleasurable even while it is an effort. It can result in a sense of achievement and even an increased income with the added skills.