Reasons to get a degree in accountingBetween job availability, stability, and salary possibilities, a degree in accounting can lead to a variety of job and career benefits. But there are other reasons as to why you might want to consider accounting for your degree work. If you are considering accounting as your major, here are six reasons why you might find it a good fit for you.

A World of Opportunity

While pursuing an accounting degree at this school, you may find a world of opportunity opens itself to you. Look for a country without accountants in it. Just try to find one. I’ll bet you that even on the continent of Antarctica there is some accountant down there, keeping the books for a research team and ensuring that they aren’t going over their budgeted numbers. Well, maybe not, but in just about every other spot on the globe, you’re bound to find an accountant plying his or her trade, keeping the books and ensuring order is maintained when it comes to money and budgets.

A Chance to Further Your Education

You may find that after you complete your degree in accounting, there may still be an opportunity or opportunities to further your education. Whether it is through becoming a certified public accounting or a certified financial planner or even getting your masters degree in accounting, there are multiple options to further your education in the accounting or financial field.

Long-term Job Sustainability

It’s hard to deny that with a degree in accounting, your ability to find and retain a job will likely be pretty good. Even in tough economic environments, the need for qualified accountants often remains high in a variety of fields and industries. Whether it’s in a small business, a huge corporation, or somewhere in between, just about every business or organization has a need for someone with some degree of accounting knowledge to help them sustain their operation, often making long-term job sustainability a popular reason for getting a degree in the field.

Career Options

The typically high demand for accountants means that for those with a degree in the field there is often a variety of career options. You may decide to venture out on your own, starting your own accounting business or using your accounting knowledge to further operations within an unrelated field. Or you might find that you have the opportunity to select an industry or company that suits you best, either getting lost in a giant corporation with hundreds of accountants or being the big fish in a little pond with a smaller organization

Salary Advancement

The average yearly salary for accountant and auditors according to the Bureau of Labor Statistic’s May 2009 National Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates for 2009 was $67,430. This number however bumps up to $113,730 per year for financial managers, and should you rise to the level of CEO, CFO or similar position within a company by way of your accounting background, that number could be even higher.

Open To a Variety of Personalities

From those who are quietly content in a cubical, content to be left to their work and head home each day, to those how are more comfortable getting out and about conducting audits or working in consulting roles, there are a variety of roles open to all kinds of personalities within the accounting field.

You may not be the most vocal of people or have the desire to climb swiftly up the corporate ladder, choosing instead just to be happy and comfortable in a secure job. Or, you may choose to utilize your accounting education to pull yourself to the top of an organization, directing hundreds or thousands of people as the head of a major corporation.

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