Job in Accounts PayableWhen working in accounts payable, it is important to have a number of skills that might not be available to many without a solid educational background. There are a number of personal strengths that a person might need when it comes to accounts payable. A few of these characteristics include a strong work ethic, good organizational skills, and the ability to be accurate in his or her work. Still, certain aspects of the work must be taught. While a number of software applications, programs, and accounts payable duties are employer specific, having a degree can certainly supplement furthering a career within the accounts payable field.

A number of duties related to accounts payable will be determined by the specific employer, department in which you work, or your level of expertise. However, there are certain job aspects that will remain fairly constant between employers and industries.

Expect a large portion of your work to revolve around the processing of invoices. The reviewing, entering, and reconciling payments of invoices to vendors, processing check requests, approving and processing expense accounts, and analyzing payment statements and ledgers will often comprise a large portion of your work. You will likely be expected to keep vendor information up to date, work with vendors to resolve errors in issued checks or missed payments, and generally handle matters related to the paying of bills when it comes to your company or organization.

The educational requirements required for work in accounts payable can depend on a number of variables. Employer size, scope of duties, type of industry, and whether you will be supervising others, may all play into the educational background you might need for work in accounts payable. Having an education, whether from an online institution, college, or university can certainly help you in obtaining work in accounts payable. A degree in accounting, finance, or similar business related field can be particularly attractive to employers and helpful when it comes to your job duties and advancement opportunities.

If you are simply looking to supplement an existing degree with business related courses, you may want to consider coursework in accounting, finance, management, information technology or computer science, bookkeeping, and similar or related courses.

Working in accounts payable can lead to a variety of other career options and advancement opportunities, not to mention help you with organizational skills that can keep your own financial affairs in order. You might find yourself climbing the corporate ladder, moving from an accounts payable clerk, to accounts receivable, to collections specialist, then on to accounts payable or receivable manager, or controller or director of finance.

Accounts payable work can also take you in directions unrelated to accounting and finance. With the organizational and communication skills often needed to work in accounts payable, a move into human resources, sales, or marketing might be possible. There are certainly plenty of doors that can be opened by working in accounts payable, and experience obtained in such work can pay off when you decide to further your career.

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