If you’ve ever tried to work or study from home, you probably know just how distracting it can be sometimes.  Sure, there are those little things like the television, the video games, the cell phone, and household work that can vie for your attention.  But if you mix in things like a spouse or significant other, a child or children, work, and similar responsibilities, sometimes it can be almost impossible to concentrate.

If you’ve spent any time at all trying to study in your home environment, you probably have a general idea of what things really irk you when you’re trying to think or that tend to break your concentration.  Unfortunately, there’s not always a way to immediately remedy this things directly, but there may be a few things that can help you better concentrate or at least avoid such distractions.


Headphones can be a great way to keep noise to a minimum while trying to read or study.  With headphones, finding music that can be conducive to your studies may actually help make you more productive.  Some people find music without words — such as symphony or jazz — helps them study.  Others need that jolt of energy that comes with rock, pop, rap, or metal to reinvigorate them to get to work.  Whatever your genre preference, blocking out ambient noise with headphones and music can be a great way to stay focused on your school work.

Bathroom Breaks

Sometimes it might seem like the only real privacy you get is in the bathroom.  Therefore, when it comes to your studies, you could find yourself using this private time to your advantage.  Taking your books, notes to review, or even your laptop with you on bathroom breaks — and maybe even extending those breaks for a little while — could help you avoid the distractions that come with other areas.

Get out and About

Getting out and about could help you or hurt you in your attempts to avoid distractions depending upon things like your location, where you go to study, your ability to stay focused, and similar factors.  Whether it’s the local library, a conveniently located bookstore, somewhere on the university campus, or the campus student union building or library (even if you aren’t matriculating there), these can be great spots to consider for getting away from the distractions of home life.  It can be important to consider the travel time involved in getting to such locations though, as well as the possible distractions you might encounter once there, as these aspects can eat into valuable study time.

Proper Channels of Communication

Sometimes, a little communication could help you avoid distractions when you’re trying to study at home.  Talking to friends, family members or roommates and letting them know that you need to study might be all it takes to get some quality time to yourself.  These people could be unaware that you need to study and may be completely willing to leave you alone or be quiet if you just ask them.  Therefore, keeping proper channels of communication between yourself and these parties could be one of the best things you could do to free yourself of time-absorbing distractions at home.



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