online-college-degree-programObtaining a college degree, whether by way of an online or campus-based institution, can be beneficial in preparing you for life in the real world. However, there may be certain aspects of an online degree that could make this transition a bit easier. Of course, how a degree of either kind can help you will largely depend upon the type of person you are, what you are looking to take away from your degree program, how you apply what you’ve learned, and what your goals are once you’ve finished your education. That being said, here are some of the ways in which you might find an online degree better prepares you for life after your education is completed.

Creating a Better Work/Life Balance
You may already be building or furthering a career when you begin your online education. By completing your education online, you may be able to stay with family while attending school, remain in a particular geographic location where you have already built a life rather than move closer to a school, and have the option to move somewhere else for a job opportunity or to further your career while at the same time continuing your education.

Being able to pursue your education online may better allow you to multitask. This isn’t to say that many people don’t multitask while at a brick-and-mortar campus. Some people pursuing their education on a college campus may find themselves working part-time jobs, participating in extracurricular activities such as intramural or collegiate level sports, or living in a fraternity or sorority in addition to their academic responsibilities. However, getting your education online could provide scheduling opportunities and more leeway to pursue tasks that fit your life and organize them in a way that more efficiently and effectively suits your timeframes.

While many students learn self-reliance when away at a college campus, there is often still a large support mechanism that comes with a campus-based institution. Living in dorms, often having everything you need within walking distance, available public transportation to get you too and from class, classmates or roommates to help you with problems or to wake you up for class, and meals that are ready-to-eat at a moment’s notice are just a few of the benefits to living on or near a college campus and that can reduce a student’s ability to learn to function completely on his or her own.

Earning a degree online however can help you to discover how to learn on your own, problem solve, and push yourself to study and meet deadlines since there may not be anyone else there to motivate or support you. Relying upon yourself can be a great way to better prepare for the working world where it is often up to you to get the job done, and you may not have someone there to coddle you or hold your hand to ensure your work is completed.

A More Realistic Approach
A college campus atmosphere to some, while exciting and enjoyable, may often seem like one big party. This type of environment can distract from school work and lead to a distorted sense of reality. This may mean that for many campus-based graduates, it is a bit of a shock when they get out on their own and realize that many of the aspects of the real world are difficult and that it isn’t a party every day.

An online degree may help to keep some students more grounded. While it can allow for a schedule that better meets a student’s needs, it may also help a student avoid an environment that distracts from studies and can keep him or her away from an atmosphere that is not conducive to academic success.

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