Anyone who is curious about the workings of the human mind and the underpinnings of behavior will want to study psychology. Understanding the principles of the mind, the brain and behavior: these are the fascinating processes you’ll immerse yourself in as a psychology student. In psychology courses, you’ll explore the various topics psychologists study, such as human memory, psychopharmacology, personality, counseling, industrial/organizational psychology, dreaming, child development, human sexuality, social psychology, and many others.

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The field of psychology is broad and offers many opportunities for interesting, exciting and rewarding careers. If you choose to stop your education at the bachelor’s degree level, rather than continuing on to get a master’s or doctoral degree, you may not have as many options available in this field. However, because of the broad nature of the psychology field and the value of your coursework experience, you can acquire important skills that play a critical role in many different jobs. Some of the related fields include careers in various types of social or human services such as a career counselor, case management specialist, psychiatric technician or rehabilitation specialist.

Should You Choose an Online Psychology Degree Program?
Many people recognize the advantages of obtaining their degree online. Having the luxury to complete your education after work, during your lunch break or first thing in the morning makes online education a great option for fully-employed students. If you are a parent that stays at home with your children, you have the opportunity to work studies into your day whenever you have free time, even if that means at a different time each day. Geography does not have to limit your options either. If you want to obtain your degree from a specific school that has a great reputation, but happens to be across the nation, online programs provide you with that opportunity.

Discover Your Areas of Interest
As a student of psychology, the coursework aims to prepare you for different types of psychology careers. As you survey different schools, you can benefit from identifying some of your specific interests. Do you find the thought of helping married couples learn to re-kindle their lost passion inspiring? Perhaps you are more interested in helping to shape the lives of young children who need some extra help navigating life’s challenges. Do you find that listening to others’ issues and helping them problem-solve is interesting and challenging? Maybe you have always dreamed of having your own psychology practice. Whatever your end goal, if you have an idea of where you want to place your focus within the psychology field, this knowledge can help you when it comes to choosing the right online school program. You may even find it worthwhile to speak with people in a variety of different jobs within the psychology field to better understand the daily life and responsibilities of prospective jobs.

Review Our Resource Guides
As a way to supplement your research, we have collected some resource guides that can help you learn more about a selection of the different jobs available after completing your online education in psychology. Some of the guides take an in-depth look at certain careers such as counseling. For example, you can find out which type of counseling appeals to you. Which group of individuals would you like to invest your time helping? Counselors work in elementary and high school environments, with married couples, career changers, the elderly and more. Click on the links in our resource guides box to find out additional information. Not sure if your personality traits are a match for psychology careers? According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, individuals who do well in the psychology field have strong analytical skills, patience, trustworthiness and good people skills. Communication, observation and problem-solving are additional areas of strength that can make you the perfect fit for this career.

Choosing the Right Psychology School
The definition of the “right” school is different for each person. You may be seeking a school that is well-known in your chosen field, while some people place more value on programs that allow teachers to spend one-on-one time with each student. One of the great benefits of online education is the way that you, as a student, can interact directly with your instructor whenever you desire. Campus-based programs have their own benefits, and make sense if you happen to live by the school you are interested in attending, can attend full-time or have the option to relocate for your education. Use the tools on our site to research schools and find out which programs meet your needs. Be sure to look at specialties offered within your desired degree, the cost for each program, the availability of financial aid and the resources available to help you get a job after graduation. You may want to contact each school’s career center and ask what percent of their graduates have jobs upon finishing their degree. Finally, and most importantly, make sure that the schools you investigate are fully accredited. All of the more than 500 degree and certificate programs listed on are accredited.

What are Some Specific Job Duties in this Field?
As a psychologist, you can expect to perform varied and interesting functions that change somewhat depending upon your specific job type. For example, some psychologists spend their time researching and conducting studies with a scientific basis to understand more about brain function and behavior. Some gather information through interviews, observations, tests, surveys and other vehicles that provide data for researching and understanding behavior by looking for patterns. You may work with groups and individuals to help teach them how to interact more productively with each other. Some psychologists develop educational programs that enable schools and the workplace to improve the way they address various psychological issues among students and employees. You may work with individuals to identify and reach a diagnosis regarding behavioral, emotional or mental disorders. You could also design treatment plans and work with patients to carry them out. As part of your job, you might work as part of a team, collaborating with social workers or doctors to bring complete treatment programs to patients.

Job Outlook for Psychology Graduates
The field of psychology is broad, and there are many types of jobs available. While many require at least a specialist, master’s or doctoral psychology degree, you can still find jobs in related areas such as social work with a bachelor’s degree. For those that choose to acquire additional education, the available jobs are expected to grow approximately 22 percent through 2020. This is faster than the average expectations for all other occupations. School psychologists, especially, are projected to be in high demand according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The median pay for jobs in the psychology field is $33.00 an hour, or $68,640 annually.

The education you receive as a student of psychology is one that can carry over into many types of employment. Understanding what drives human behavior is valuable knowledge that can help you excel in whatever job you choose. If you choose to obtain a master’s or doctoral degree and become a full-fledged psychologist, you have even more opportunities available to you. Use the resources on this site and start investigating schools today, so that you can complete your educational journey and get the dream job you desire.