There is such a variety of online degree options available to those interested in pursuing their higher education that it is almost impossible not to find a degree in which you are interested. For some however, there is a difficult choice to be made — to serve their country or pursue an education? But what if you could do both? By getting a degree in homeland security, you could further your education while at the same time gaining valuable experience that could better prepare you for a role protecting your nation and helping others. So what exactly is a homeland security degree and what type of work can it help you prepare for?

Online Homeland Security DegreeTypes of Coursework
When obtaining your homeland security degree, you could be exposed to a variety of subject matter. From more general coursework such as math, English, and geography, to more focused classes revolving around terrorism, technology, law, emergency management, disaster preparedness, and a broad range of subject matter based around the recognition and understanding of weapons, security, and defense, there is plenty to learn and absorb among the homeland security degree coursework. Whether your focus is upon counter terrorism, protecting the nation’s information technology, guarding the borders against illegal entry or seeking out weapons of mass destruction, biological or chemical weapons, you may find these topics as a part of your homeland security degree coursework.

Career Options
While a degree may not be necessary for some of the jobs in the homeland security field, it probably won’t hurt, and may make you eligible for certain roles that require a degree, broadening your job horizons. From FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) and the Secret Service to the Customs and Border Protection and more, there are plenty of job and career options to which you may decide to apply your online homeland security degree.

But maybe you’re not looking for such adventurous careers options. Maybe you would prefer to stay close to home, at least for now, but you are still interested in a homeland security degree. While most major cities and metropolitan areas will have some type of homeland security related work, you may decide to put your degree to use in a role within the local community. The degree could be beneficial in obtaining work as a police or correctional officer, as a firefighter, in a role within local emergency management, even local city planning. A homeland security degree can open a variety of job and career options at all kinds of levels both within the government and in business and corporate environments as well. Remember, even businesses need someone to look out and plan for the best interests of the business, evaluate internal and external security, determine security and contingency plans, and numerous other tasks to keep the assets of the company safe.

Benefits and Growth
Beside job opportunity and stability due to the number and availability of related jobs in the field, there are other benefits as well. When it comes to the benefits of having a homeland security degree, you could very likely be putting your degree to use in a role with the government, either at the local, state, or federal level, and with the retirement, job security, health care, and holiday and vacation benefit packages often associated with government jobs, this could be one of the most beneficial aspects of the degree.

Due to the vast number and variety of roles one might obtain with a homeland security degree, it’s difficult to pinpoint an exact salary you may receive with such a degree. The amount of money you are paid can vary greatly depending of course on your level of education, but also on the geographic location in which you work, your job position level, whether you work in a corporate, private or government sector, and what branch or level of government in which you work.

Beyond the monetary aspect of the degree however, you could find that working in the homeland security field is intrinsically rewarding and instills a great amount of pride knowing that you are helping people to feel safe and sleep better at night. It is important to enjoy the work you do, and having an exciting and fulfilling job can make up for a lower salary, a bad boss, or similar shortcomings you might find within any field or industry. Getting an online degree in homeland security may help you better to obtain a role that allows you to enjoy your work and to make a difference in the protection of our nation.

Listed below are online degree programs in homeland security and national security from accredited universities and colleges. Specialize in homeland security, public administration, terrorism management, infrastructure security, emergency management and more.