Earn your online Bachelor’s degree from an online accredited college.
A bachelor degree is the most traditional degree given by US colleges and universities. The two most common classes of bachelor degrees awarded by US schools are the bachelor of science degree (also called the B.S.) and the bachelor of arts degree (also called the B.A.). Having a bachelor’s degree can be the key to both professional advancement and personal satisfaction. If you started your college education but weren’t able to finish it—or if you began your career with a two-year degree and want to advance, a bachelor’s completion program is just what you need as a next step.

Online Bachelors DegreeWhether you have a full-time career, more-than-full-time family obligations—or both, you’ll find that an online program can help tailor your pursuit of knowledge around your busy schedule.

Online Bachelor’s programs typically require between 120 and 128 credits for completion, with credits split between a core curriculum and a “major” or special emphasis. The amount of time it takes to earn an online bachelor degree varies by individual and by program. Online bachelor degree choices continue to grow giving potential students many options. Today, there are many universities that offer online degree programs. The curriculum is very similar to what you would encounter in a traditional classes. The prerequisites will vary depending on the institution that offers the degree, but in many cases, graduation from high school or a GED is enough. Another benefit to an online bachelors degree is that you can study, participate and learn whenever its convenient to your schedule. With a traditional school program you have to be ready at an exact time every day, regardless of how that may or may not fit into your personal schedule and lifestyle.

Online bachelor degree programs are more flexible and convenient for working students and bring the same financial benefits as traditional classroom degrees. Following is a list of accredited colleges where you can earn bachelor degree online in various online degree programs. If you’re considering enrolling for an online bachelor degree, you may request for free information from the colleges that offer bachelor degree programs that matches your interest.