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University of Phoenix

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Not worth the effort
Program: Education
Posted on March 17, 2009 by rikaloff1

A few caveats if you are enrolling online:

Both UoP and Axia base participation on posting responses online. Generally it will take you more time to type your responses than it would to speak them in class. This burden works against both student and faculty. If you actually put effort into the assignments, you will need to spend much more than 4-6 hours per week doing the work.

There is a definite disconnect between the instructor and student. The instructors teach via a template and have difficulty deviating from scheduled assignments or modifying it to their own pedagogical style. As a result, students receive a mc-education...thereby diminishing the value of the degree.

Student services have limited accountability. Most of the counselors are centralized in Phoenix, meaning answers to your questions come at their leisure. A great deal are young professionals just out of school or hirees from a temp agency. They're not bad people on the average. They tend to burn out quickly, resulting in a high turnover rate for your specific counselors. The enrollment counselors do not work on commission, but they are judged by a combination of enrollment numbers and "soft skills," such as the amount of time spent on the phone. Ever wonder why you get random calls so often? That would be your reason. Enrollment specialists are only obligated to call you until you attend the 2nd class of you 2nd course; then your retention in class will be charged to the academic counselors. Their performance is based on a combination of retention and "soft skills." They are not counselors, merely salesmen, perhaps duped by altruism and the thought of helping someone better themselves.

Your career building options are limited by the structure of distance education. If you go to a brick and mortar school, you are able to network professionally with colleagues in class, leading to potential business propositions. You cannot achieve the same results working with classmates in different time zones unless you are willing to relocate (a difficulty if you have family responsibilities, etc.).

The lack of admissions standards waters down your classroom constituency. There is a reason why top-tier schools have standardized admissions and requirements. Some people are not fit for college but are able to obtain financing. UoP will enroll them...

It terms of value, a 2005 study surveyed 269 professional recruiters...96% responded saying they would prefer an applicant with a traditional education over that of a distance program. That is not good news if you are using this degree to change fields or move up in your current one.

If you need a degree and cannot attend a traditional school at the campus, check your local institution to see if they offer distance programs. Often state schools do and are significantly cheaper then any of the for-profits, UoP included.

Bottom line: if you need an easy degree that will merely get you a promotion at your current job (and your employer will pay for it), enroll at UoP. Otherwise, try somewhere else...
Overall Experience
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Comments about rikaloff1's review

Posted by Steve R on September 13, 2009
A key element here is undergraduate vs. graduate education. An undergraduate education is probably better served on campus with online/distance learning elements. For graduate education there is absolutely no difference between distance education and classroom education. UOP does an excellent job with their educational model, and were they not successful at doing so, students would not attend.

The only difference in admission requirements is standardized testing which has been proven by multiple studies to be a non-reliable predictor.

The 96% professional recruiters that responded to the survey were likely uninformed. Success in careers comes from accomplishment and deliverables NOT academic institution attended.

This review is unbalanced and biased.

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Posted by Becky on July 5, 2010
I have found just the opposite to be true. My instructors have gone beyond the items listed within the syllabus to discuss a variety of topics that fall within the scope of the class. Links to relevant stories or recent news is included, so that discussions can ensue regarding the material. I have more interaction with my instructor and fellow students in this format than I ever did at a brick and mortar school. In addition, I find the work to be exceedingly more challenging and rewarding.
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Posted by Ashley Harville on August 23, 2010
Hello! My name is Ashley Harville and I am an admissions rep for Globe University. I would be more than happy to explore our career training and education programs with anyone who is looking for the perfect school fit. Feel free to email me at for more information.
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