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University of Phoenix

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Expensive but well worth it
Program: Criminal Justice
Posted on May 26, 2009 by goingbacktoschool

First of all, do not listen to anyone who has not personally attended UOP for an accurate review. My experience with UOP is as follows. I entered in Jan. 2009 to complete my bachelors degree in Criminal Justice Administration. Since then I have had nothing but a positive experience with UOP. Everyone has been up front about my classes and I hear from one of my counselors at least once a month asking if I am doing ok, and if I have any questions. My previous associates degree came from a brick school and let me tell you UOP is much harder than any brick school I have attended. You must actually contribute to discussions regarding your weekly topics. When have you ever had to give 300 + word detailed responses 8 times in a week to an instructor at a brick school? Also you will be writing an APA formatted paper almost every single week at UOP. Because of the fast paced classes, you are also responsible for a great deal of reading material each week. You must complete the reading material, contribute to at least 8 discussions, write a paper, and usually do some work within your group learning team. THAT IS EVERY WEEK PEOPLE. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar. UOP is for people who have the self-discipline to do all this on their own. As for the instructors, I have found them to be very well qualified and very interactive with me. Each time I ask a question of an instructor, I get a detailed response within 24 hours. Sometimes I have even been given extra details by my instructors that can help me in other areas. When you are graded at UOP, you are given detailed reasons why you are getting the grade you are getting from them. Also, you get feedback each week from you instructor so that you know how you are doing in the class and have time to improve areas of weakness as you go along. The only reason I am giving UOP 4 stars instead of 5 stars is because they are expensive. However, where else can I go to school on my schedule? My brother who lives in another state is just about to finish up his Associates degree with Axia/UOP and will be starting his bachelors in December of this year. He has also had a good experience. Again, do not believe all these people who are unwilling to work to get an education. Anyone who says that UOP is a fake school is mistaken.
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Posted by Brandy on July 10, 2009
Kudos to you for writing this blog. I am a student at UOP and so many people say "oh its so easy to get good grades online" (from unattending outsiders). I have a few people that actually think it is funny that I am so adamant about getting my work done right and on time, because they think everyone is pretty much guaranteed good grades here. They have no clue the time and effort truly needed to succeed. Thanks fellow Phoenix!
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Posted by Ross Nichols on July 14, 2009
I would like to say that I have abtained an Associates and a Bachelors degree from the traditional "bricks and mortar" state universites where I enjoyed and received a good education! Like with anything your return in base on what you invest! I attended UOP and have completed three MBA course there. Because of the poor reviews that I observed online regarding the UOP I decided to tranfer to a very well known and respected University in Boston where I am pursuing a Master's in Leadership/Adult and Organizational Education in their online program. I complete four courses with one transfered in from UOP. To this day I still think about returning to the UOP to complete the MBA but have failed to do so because of the questionable reputation. In comparing the two different programs I found that the UOP, MBA program to much more difficult and require about twice and much work per course as does the program I am currently in. I have also found that the quality of instruction at UOP is as good if not better than any university that I have attentended. The instructors at UOP not only possess valued graduate degrees they are also full time professionals teaching in their respected field. A hard combination to beat! Furthermore, the students that I had the opportunity to work with in the UOP, MBA program were some of the most educated and professional people that I have ever had the opportunity to work with. I say this after having twenty years of experience in publice service,corporate, and currently interantional training experience. The more time I spend away from the UOP at other online progams the the more I realize just how good the UOP, MBA program is!

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  by Ross Nichols on July 14, 2009
  Sorry about the errors! I failed to proof this prior to hitting send. Lesson on how not to make a great impression ah!
  by trish on December 13, 2011
  I just finished up my AA in business at Axia/UOP, and starting my BA in business managment in January, hoepfully. What is holding me back is the fact that for some reason my MGI bill and a pell grant don't pay for my tuition. That supprises me because I though GI bill was suppose to pay for everything. I get pre 9/11 for now then going to switch to pst 9/11. Is it not enough becuase UOP is so much more expensive? How much more expensive is it than any other school?

Posted by Maria on February 10, 2010
I'm currently go to UoP in Michigan at a on ground campus one dy a week from 6-10 and I love it. I have an associates degree from a previous intution and went to two other state colleges before attending this college. I had to qit the other colleges because I needed to wok fulltime and I have take about four years off of school and I'm now going to school at 28. I love the small class size and I have found the staff to be careing and I really enjoy school for the first time. I think people that have not went her should not say a word about it. I just don't likehow it gets such a bad rap. I have went to three other colleges and the work is th same here as well. I relly want to atten grad school but not sure if I should go to grad school at uop because of what pople think of it. But I will be finish my bachelors there and I will be so glad I did with all the information I have learned.
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