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Northcentral University Student Reviews

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Northcentral University is an accredited online university providing graduate and undergraduate degree programs in business and technology management, education, and psychology. We create a unique academic program just for you. Pursue your professional interests, receive personalized guidance from Faculty Mentors, and schedule learning at your own pace. Many online schools mandate weekly attendance, campus residency, and rigid, inflexible program requirements and term schedules. Not NCU! Balance your education with career demands and needs for personal and family time.

Northcentral University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Posted by Dr. Master
February 24, 2016
10 Reasons Why You Should Never Consider Attending Northcentral University (NCU)
Business Doctorate Programs
For those of you thinking of obtaining a graduate degree, online programs seem to be a convenience solution for working adults. However, not all online schools are alike. Most are private institutions that are about making money rather than providing a quality education. Northcentral University (NCU) is one such case. NCU is a for profit business owned by a private equity firm. The focus of NCU is revenue generation derived from continuous enrollment and high retention numbers. For high enrollment, NCU will admit anyone with the required degree for the graduate program even if they can...Read Full Review

Posted by Alicia McMichael
December 11, 2013
MBA Business Administration
I have studied at a number of colleges and I really like the Support from this school. The faculty is very accommodating to your needs, they know what they are doing and there is alot of ambition. I am really excited to study at such an awesome University.

Posted by Anna Eaton-Merkle
October 20, 2010
NorthCentral is not worth the effort
Phd. Educational Leadership
I have taken five classes from this school but my experience on the last one will make it my last. I applied for an extension for completion of my last class. It was approved. Apparently, this date for completion was written in small print on the page for the class - however, I was never informed formally by my mentor or by the school administration. AFTER the date for completion had passed, I recieved notification that I was given an "F" for the course because I had not completed my last two assignments. Prior to that, I had received 100% on every assignment. NCU Dean of Education would...Read Full Review

Posted by Proud NCU grad
December 15, 2009
Fairly decent program
PhD in Business Administration
The NCU PhD program is a decent program that meets the requirements for a doctoral program. I did my Bachelor's degree in a traditional brick and mortar and my MBA from a traditional brick and mortar via distance. As a MBA grad in a strong school with above average grades, I rate the NCU doctoral program as no less rigorous - as it rightfully should be. HOWEVER, the online/distance learning format is not for everybody. It requires individuals that are comfortable with the reduced interaction and somewhat reduced support compared with brick and mortar offerings. No denial here. On the other han...Read Full Review

Posted by Cade
November 22, 2009
Rigorous Program---Rewarding Experience
PhD in Education
I highly recommend NCU. As many others have listed on this site, it is not a program for students who are not highly self-motivated and capable of independent work. I am just finishing a PhD in the Education program. I have found the entire process to be extremely challenging, rigorous, and rewarding. I have had the kind of experience that I anticipated having in a doctoral level program. NCU pushed my talents and abilities to the max while offering the support that I needed. The NCU faculty and staff always listened to my legitimate concerns and offered their encouragement and support. I anti...Read Full Review

Posted by Retired Air Force Bob
June 27, 2009
Perfect for working adults
PhD in Business
I am in the PhD in Business (Homeland Security) degree program and sincerely enjoy it! I have 5 master's degrees from well known B & M schools and even enrolled in a hybrid doctoral program at a B & M school prior to NCU. I left because the curriculum was not a good fit for my second career and the majority of the faculty never worked outside of academia. My wife holds an Ed.D along with an MSN from B & M schools and she agreed that for learners who are fully engaged in a career, many traditional schools just do not "get it." In our present economy, working adults are not able to quit for 2-4 ...Read Full Review

Posted by Eric
June 4, 2009
I would recommend this school
I was enrolled in NCUs DBA program in 2006 and completed three courses. There is no way to explain my utter discontentment with their program. Yes, they have a nice course selection. Yes, they have pretty good textbooks. Yes, there are some good online research tools. BUT....I rec'd almost ZERO instructor feedback in each of the three courses. In the first course, I DEMANDED feedback---and even quoted the school's catalog that touts one-on-one mentorship. For this, I got referred to my academic advisor for counseling. I kept hearing, "You're an adult learner now. You don't need any feedback fr...Read Full Review

Posted by WFU DEACON
April 29, 2009
Great for professionals
PhD in Psychology
I graduated from a very well known, academically rigorous university, receiving both a BA and MA. I have recently been accepted into the PhD Psychology program at NCU, after having been licensed as a school psychologist and health services provider MA level psychologist in my state for many years. I have been very impressed with the quality of the described curriculum in health psychology/behavioral medicine, as well as the list of mentors available including a licensed neuropsychologist in my state & those having received doctorates from the premier Ivy League and similar schools. I have also...Read Full Review

Posted by Grumpy old man
April 17, 2009
Something different
PhD Business
I am doing a PhD at NCU, and am enjoying it a great deal. Here is my story: 1. I could study anywhere. I have good B&M undergraduate & MBA degrees, a decent GMAT etc. 2. I have a demanding job that I really enjoy. The cost of taking a leave of absence to study full-time at a great school would not make financial sense. 3. I did extensive research, and find that the NCU curriculum in my field is the best thought-out and most aligned to my needs. I am including B&M schools in this analysis. I have designed curriculum for a top school, and I know good design when I see it. 4. I am not...Read Full Review

Posted by Bob at NASA
March 28, 2009
Should be good
Business Administration
My undergraduate degree is from a traditional school, yet my graduate degree and post-graduate certificate were earned at virtual institutions (UoP & Touro University International). I recently entered the DBA program at NCU but have yet to commence with my first class. Clearly all of my on-line education was received at regionally accredited universities I personally think that is a baseline requirement. I believe, and this is only my perspective, that adult learners seeking to improve their contributions at work through cross-discipline exposure, applying new concepts to their work and ...Read Full Review

Posted by Raven
January 14, 2009
Good program
I graduated with a BA from a rather large University. I have served in the military for almost 18 years and real soon will have obtained an MBA from NCU. I will openly admit that I don't feel my education received at NCU is as good as it could have been if I would have attended the same large University that I attended for my undergraduate studies. Thanks to 18 month trips to Iraq and numerous other things, I feel good about continuing my education via distance learning, but also recognize that it is not as good as if I would have attended classes, interacting with professors and other student...Read Full Review


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