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Kaplan University

(23 reviews)    

Beware of tuition costs!
Program: Criminal Justice
Posted on December 11, 2008 by k_thornburg

The classes, the work, and the teachers were all wonderful. I did not have any problems whatsoever with that aspect of Kaplan. I did the 2+2 program, where I obtained my Associates in Criminal Justice first, then they applied those courses to my Bachelor's in Criminal Justice. It took me 4 years total to finish. Basically, it is an accelerated course, because you don't really get any sugstantial time off. I was told I couldn't 'take a break' because it would set me back in regards to financial aid and my status as a student! But I moved through it. When I first started, we had 4 quarters, basically, with about 2 weeks in between each quarter. Toward the end, it went to mini sessions and only a week in between! I was definitely BURNED OUT when i finished, but I was glad that I finally accomplished something in my life.

While attending, I was awarded full financial aid. My first mistake was not looking into the actual tuition costs. I didn't compare it with regular colleges or universities, so I didn't think anything until a year after I graduated and my forbearance/deferments were up and I had to start paying back...OH MY GOSH! My total bill was $48K, and with interest, by the time I'm done paying that back, i will have paid over $90K!!!! AND, even though I consolidated all the different loans, the lowest I could get my monthly payments is $259! I was paying $317 a month, but recently called and got on the graduated payment, and although it went down, i really cannot believe I am paying $259 a month! My brother went to a full on state university for 5 years, obtained his bachelor's degree and had half the tuition i had, and his graduated payments started at $50 a month, and now he pays about $100. I KNOW and am fully aware that I have to pay this back, and I am, but honestly, had i known what the cost was going to be, i would NOT have obtained my degree through Kaplan. It simply is not worth it. and now, i am seriously struggling to get by because of the size of my student loan payment! I have a great job with pretty good pay, but this is just eating my lunch...literally!

ALL IN ALL, do your homework on the tuition. I do not think it will be worth it in the long run, and I'm sure there are other online, fully accredited schools that cost way less.
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