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American Intercontinental University

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Good but bad
Program: Associate's Degree in Business Administration
Posted on April 9, 2009 by anonymous418

I graduated from American Intercontinental University in 12/2008 with Associate's Degree in Business Administration majoring in Medical Coding/Billing. It seems from my experience, the school has more cons than pros.


(1) The convenience: you can learn anytime, anywhere.
(2) I like a challenge, most of the curriculum is challenging just not in what I'm majoring in! The majority of my classes were for business; I worked very hard to receive high grades for these classes.
(3) Most of my professors were professionals of related fields in the classes they were teaching.
(4) They're accredited, so they say.

Now here comes the bad...
(1) As mentioned before the curriculum, I believe the college does not offer a good amount of classes for what the student is majoring in. Three classes for medical coding and billing with just a general background of each, no actual real life practice of these processes. This field has a lot to do with medical terminology, physiology, and anatomy as well. Does AIU have classes for this? NO! It's ridiculous, after graduation I wanted take a national certification test (for better chances of landing a job) and I had teach myself this to prepare! Unfortunately I failed my test and did not get a job just because I do not have a certification. As prospective medical coder/biller, I believe AIU did not prepare me much for entering this workforce. Going to this school is a mistake, I'll have to live with and another debt to pay off! What I need to do now is buy more books, study more, and pass that exam. Not giving up... Hopefully in six months to a year, I'll be where I need to be.

(2) I read in another review some of the officials lie to you. SO TRUE, when I was deciding to go to this school I asked the admissions advisor about their accreditation (I was planning to further my education at another college in the future). Guess what? I applied to some dinky local allied health school just to take a medical terminology class, the academic advisor over there recommended I take a whole program because they did not accept my credits from AIU because of the insufficient curriculum. No way, another $6,000 for the program!

(3) One last comment, do not expect the careers department to help you much out either! No externships (well, you look up hospitals in the students' areas and help get them externships through there, duh...) and not enough help or resources finding jobs. Yes, I know you need to write a resume and cover letter to get a job interview! I have excellent writing and researching skills; this how I succeeded in this school and do not need them calling me for the tenth time just to see if I wrote a cover letter and resume. That's all these career advisors do.

I could mention others, but I think you get my point right?
Overall Experience
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Comments about anonymous418's review

Posted by Dwight on September 7, 2009
Are you serious! Most people know that an associates degree is a portion of general education for furthering your college education. So, if you were to move forward with your education you would get more focus on your disipline at that point. Further, you said it yourself, the main focus was business. Don't blame the school for focusing on business.

Career development. You seem to have a problem with writing. Have you noticed all of the errors in your "review." If someone has to "call you 10 times to complete a resume and cover letter," you do have an issue with writing.

Take some responsibility and stop blaming others for what you haven't or can't do well!
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