Liberal Arts Degree

Liberal Arts is a large part of colleges that many student today feel will not help them get ahead in the world today.  The fact is that a Liberal Arts degree will not only give you a well rounded education but it will also prepare you not only for your specific ideal career but for many business careers as well. 

A Liberal Arts degree is generally received from a college of Arts and Sciences.  The degree type is a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science. 

Liberal Arts degrees teach you a skill called critical thinking.  Once you have mastered this skill, when you are faced with a conflict or difficult situation you are able to look at it objectively and take yourself out of the equation.  It also teaches you to recognize biases and look for the whole picture rather than just the small frame you are presented with.

Liberal Arts also teaches you to become a prolific writer.  You are taught to take a position on a specific subject and discuss your opinion.  You are generally judged not on if the professor agrees with your opinion but on whether your writing proved your position. 

There are many fields of study within liberal arts majors that can open the doors to many careers. 

  • History is one field of study that can prepare you for numerous careers.  It is often a precursor to a law degree.  Some teach history.  Others write about history.  Still some use it to get a job in business.  Because of the skills learned as a liberal arts student they are prepared to work in fields such as human resources, law, communications, and more.   

  • English is another popular major.  This can prepare you to teach and to be a writer.  It can also prepare you for law school.  This can prepare you to work in journalism avenues such as a newspaper or to be an editor.  You can also work in business with this degree in areas such as communications, human resources, law, and marketing among others. 

  • Communications is a very popular major.  This will prepare you for numerous things.  You are prepared to work in avenues of business such as communications, marketing, law, among other things.  Others use this major to get into journalism and become writers or editors.  Here’s a comprehensive list of colleges that offer online communications degrees.

Liberal Arts degrees prepare you with skills that are designed to work in many areas and give you endless career options.  Consider a degree from a Liberal Arts college.  You can get started at an online college today.