Using Your Human Resources Education to Hire the Right PeopleHaving an educational background in human resources could prove valuable in a number of ways once you’re out in the working world.  From better safeguarding your own job through knowledge of employment laws, rules, and restrictions, to how to better deal with employees or evaluate employee benefits, the advantages to your human resources education can serve you well in a variety of ways.

However, maybe one of the most valuable ways in which human resources coursework could work to your benefit once on the job is by helping you to making better hiring decisions and  assisting your to find the human resources that will be most advantageous to you and/or your employer or organization.


Knowing Employment Laws

Maybe one of the first ways in which you might find your human resources degree being put to use when hiring employees might be through your knowledge of employment laws.  Being able to ensure that you don’t unwittingly discriminate — whether it’s by way of age, race or sex — that you properly document your interviews and reasons for selecting or not selecting certain candidates, that you hire fairly and effectively, and that you follow other laws when it comes not only to hiring, but to disciplining and terminating individuals as well can come as a huge benefit of your human resources education.


Being able to Evaluate a Resume

It can be extremely helpful knowing what to look for and how to evaluate a resume.  Being able to look at past work history, how certain jobs descriptions are explain, how an individual’s interests, education, and job experience may be applied to your organization or the job being applied for, and noting the structure and form of a resume to indicate job gaps, lack of attention to detail, and similar tell-tale signs can be extremely useful in evaluating applicants.  There are times when you may be restricted by the types of questions you can ask, but a resume, and how that resume is filled out or structured, might answer some of those questions for you if you know what to look for.


Sorting through all those Applications

A manager, director, or other human resources staff member could be faced with literally hundreds of applications when hiring for certain positions.  There just might not be enough time to sit and review each in every one of them section by section.  With a human resources background though, you may be provided with the education necessary to make intelligent observations and look for certain key aspects regarding an application that can make the sorting of these documents more efficient and effective.


Asking the Right Questions

An interview can provide you with a limited amount of time to get to know a potential candidate or make a certain type of impression upon them and vice versa.  Being able to maximize the amount of time you spend with this person — or know when it’s time to minimize your losses and cut an interview short — can make the hiring process much more effective.  Being able to form the questions you ask to get the most useful information from a candidate may be a significant benefit of your human resources learning.