Bachelors Degree in Human ResourcesThere are numerous reasons why human resources can be a fantastic choice when it comes to a bachelor’s degree option. While not everyone is cut out for human resources, if you find that you like working with people, discovering solutions to problems, and helping others to enjoy, understand, and feel safe within their work environment, then a human resources degree might be a good fit for you. While you don’t have to love interacting with others on the job in order to work in human resources, it certainly can help you to better enjoy and succeed in such a role.

Here are ten reasons why you might decide that a bachelor’s degree in human resources could be the right choice for you.

1. Job Security

Getting a bachelor’s degree in human resources can provide you with the knowledge to understand employment and labor laws, possibly enabling you to better ensure your job security. Not only this, but with human resources jobs often being in high demand, your ability to attain a position and then have the option of remaining at that position or upgrading to a better one within the field could also provide additional job security.

2. Career Options

There may be a variety of career options that could come with a degree in human resources. Roles in training, benefits, and hiring provide several possible career paths within the field. With the need of just about every industry for human resources representatives, there may be numerous opportunities for human resources related work when it comes to where and in what industry you decide to work.

3. A Pillar of the Workplace

Working in human resources, you might often be viewed by fellow team members and employees as the one who sets the example. You may also be seen as the one with high moral and ethical standards, who upholds and enforces the rules, and who is an impartial party that assists in resolving conflict.

4. Helping Others

Much of your work in human resources may revolve around you helping others. There are numerous ways in which you may be called upon to assist co-workers and teammates. You could be helping these people to understand employee benefits, conducting employee reviews, providing advice regarding personal problems, working to help orient employees to the workplace or train them in their work, or ensuring rules, regulations, and laws are being upheld and maintained.

5. Interesting Work

As someone who is there to help and assist others, you may often find that you encounter new and interesting situations, conflicts, and dilemmas. While you may often be bound by the laws and rules of the workplace, such work may at times allow for you to think outside the box when finding interesting and effective resolutions to issues and problems.

6. Fulfillment

The role of a human resources manager can be wonderfully fulfilling. Being able to teach, train, and assist your fellow co-workers can provide a sense of well-being that doesn’t always come with other roles. While there certainly will be challenges in your work, and not every situation or conflict might be resolved as you would like, hopefully, more times than not, you’ll find that your work will result in positive outcomes for employees, which can leave you with a positive outlook on your role.

7. Job Satisfaction

The result of your efforts in human resources might leave you with a sense of fulfillment or inner peace, and you may also find that you are intensely satisfied with the work you do. Teaching and training others, helping them to understand and make sense of their roles and work, and resolving conflict among employees can make for duties that keep you interested in your work. Seeing those you’ve helped to train as they grow and achieve success can also be quite satisfying.

8. Standard Schedule

One of the great parts about work in human resources is that it is often limited to what is considered a regular work week. While certain recruiting trips might call you away from home occasionally or there may be a late night here and there when preparing for an orientation class or other work-related event, the majority of human resources work is often conducted in the standard 9-5, Monday through Friday work week.

9. Good Pay

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ May 2009 National Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates, those employed in the category of “Human Resources, Training, and Labor Relations Specialists, All Other” earn an average of $59,070 a year, which is nothing to sneeze at. This report also estimates that human resources managers earn $105,510 a year, which is certainly a good reason to consider a degree in and work within the field.

10. Benefits

There may be numerous benefits to working in human resources besides the salary. The opportunity to travel and take prospective recruits out for nice meals on the company’s dime, paid time off, health and retirement benefits, and similar perks may also be pleasant aspects of working in human resources.

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