Are you a people person? Do you enjoy teaching and training others? Are you someone who likes to assist others and help to guide them in their career journey? And might you enjoy doing all this in the sun-soaked south? Well, if so, then pursuing a human resources degree in the Sunshine State might be right for you.

With a population of over 19 million and urban environments ranging from big cities like Miami, Tallahassee, Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Orlando, to smaller yet equally viable work areas like Daytona Beach, Panama City Beach, Cocoa Beach, Sarasota, and similar spots, there are all kinds of great locations in which you could ply your trade within the human resources field in Florida.

Is Human Resources Right for You?

It can certainly be difficult to know whether a particular job or field is right for you before you actually start working in it. Therefore, it helps to have a good feel for what sort of tasks or roles you’ll likely be undertaking in the jobs within that field before moving on with your degree work. And in Florida, a place that is known for welcoming the human element in tourist form, whether its to Disney World or the states scenic and sandy beaches, undertaking your human resources degree work in central Florida could really pay off.

With a human resources degree in hand, you might find that you fit in well as a training manager where you’re explaining employee roles, helping them understand how better to do their jobs, and assisting them with safety, understanding job laws, and related training. Otherwise, a role as a benefits manager could be more your style. Assisting workers to understand and select the benefits — whether its in health care, retirement, life insurance, or other benefits that come with the role — can be fulfilling work.

Maybe working as a recruiter, finding the best and brightest for a company or companies, would fit your personality well. Otherwise, you might enter into the field as a human resources assistant or payroll specialist with aspirations of becoming an HR director where you could manage a variety of job titles and undertake any number of related roles.

What Kind of Human Resources Degree Program Fits You Best?

The great part about the degree options of today is that even if you live in or are interested in working in Florida, there are more educational opportunities open to you than just the brick-and-mortar campuses located within the state. This will likely mean that a first step in fulfilling your human resources degree aspirations will be deciding upon which degree program will fit you best.

There are plenty of brick-and-mortar institutions within the state of Florida, but there are also numerous online programs as well. Therefore, deciding upon whether you will go the online or campus-based route may be your first big decision. And there can be advantages to both.

Online options may be good choices for those who already have family or job commitments or to find a program that better matches their educational or financial needs but that might not be in their approximate vicinity. Campus-based programs could provide a more hands-on education, and a more personal touch, which in a human resources-related degree, could give you some added advantage.

No matter your decision, you’ll likely be encountering coursework related to labor and employment laws, training and development, employee behavior, conflict resolution, hiring practices, coaching and motivating, and similar or related material.

You can start the decision-making process here by using the tools to review the over 500 accredited degree and certificate program options available on our site.

What is the Job and Career Situation for a Human Resources Degree Holder?

With the Bureau of Labor Statistics putting the 2010 median annual pay for a human resources manager at $99,180, and with a job growth outlook for 2010-20 of 13 percent (which is about as fast as average compared to all other jobs), the role of human resource manager area appears quite attractive. However, not everyone will start off in the field as a manager. Meanwhile, according to the BLS, those in human resources assistant roles earned a median annual salary of $37,250 in 2010, and for the category of Human Resources, Training, and Labor Relations Specialists, All Other the median annual salary was $54,310.

On a more Florida-specific note, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Florida had the fourth highest employment level in the Human Resources, Training, and Labor Relations Specialists, All Other category in 2011, and an annual mean wage of $51,940.
Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor. May 2011 National Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates. [Online] Last Modified on March 29, 2012.