Human Resources Degrees in Los AngelesHave you been doing a little California dreamin’ lately? If so, you might want to consider getting your human resources degree in la-la land. If you’re going to go to school, why not consider doing it in a state where there’s plenty of sunshine and dreams to go around.

In a state of over an estimated 37 million, and with Los Angeles being the second most populous city in the nation, a degree in human resources could certainly be put to good use. There are a variety of roles and career paths that you could find opened to you should you choose to pursue a human resources degree. If you’re still a little uncertain about your educational and career options in and around the Los Angeles metropolitan area or region of southern California, here are a few more reasons why you might consider an education in the field.

Why Major in Human Resources?

So why major in human resources? Well, it’s a good question, the answer to which may not be the same for everyone. Some people prefer human resources because they enjoy working with and helping others. Other people may prefer the role more because they like the power it provides, being able to oversee, train, handle employee benefits, dole out disciplinary measures, hire and terminate employees, resolve conflicts, and be “in the know” ahead of most other employees when it comes to decisions that could affect the employees of an organization or the organization as a whole. Still others might like the pay, benefits, job stability, and career opportunities a role in human resources might provide.

Whatever the reason, whether you’re looking to be a director of a human resources department at a major corporation or organization or be a one-person department at a smaller company, there are plenty of routes that can be taken with a degree in human resources. From benefits manager, labor relations specialist, and hiring manager, to training manager, human resources assistant, and similar roles, there are a variety of options and opportunities that a degree may open up for a human resources graduate.

This may be why many programs will provide an all-around education relating to the field as a whole, often touching upon employment and labor laws, hiring practices, organizational change, employee behavior, conflict resolution, employee growth, ethics, business law, public speaking, and similar or related topics. A broader educational background can help you better determine where you fit in within the human resources field.

Searching for the Right Human Resources Program

There are plenty of human resources programs available in the Los Angeles area and southern California. But with online degree options, you may decide to broaden your search to include the entire state of California or even the entire nation. Selecting the one that fits you best, may not be a simple task though. This is why our site has provided you with the tools necessary to start narrowing down your search and finding the schools that can best serve you in your educational needs.

By providing you with over 500 accredited schools and certificate programs available either online, at a college campus or sometimes through both options, you can review numerous schools both within the state of California and around the country that may fit what you’re looking for in a human resources degree. Whether it’s financial factors, the ability to attend class online rather than in a classroom, or being able to pair your education with existing job or family responsibilities, we provide you with the ability to review numerous schools and even contact them directly to find out more about their programs, coursework, timeframes, and costs.

Working in the Human Resources World

You might have hit the nail on the head if you’re interested in furthering your human resources career in California. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Employment Statistics for 2011, California ranked first among all states for employment level of human resources managers and offered a mean annual wage of $122,340. California also ranked first in employment level for the more general category of “human resources, training, and labor relations specialists, and all others” and offered a mean annual wage of $69,150.

On a broader scale, the national annual mean wage for these roles were $108,600 and $58,890 respectively, and in 2010 the BLS put the growth for human resource managers for 2010-20 at 13 percent (about average compared to all other jobs), and 21 percent (higher than average compared to all other jobs) for the “human resources, training, and labor relations specialists, and all others” category.
Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor. May 2011 National Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates. [Online] Last Modified on March 29, 2012.