Human Resource CoursesThe field of human resources has become an ever more relevant topic in the business world of today. Having knowledge of such subject matter as employment laws, benefits, leadership, and conflict resolution can mean the difference in the success of any operation, large or small. Degree work in human resources will have you touching upon a variety of topics pertaining to the welfare and proper management of employees, but there are particular subjects that are common among almost all such degree programs. Below are some of the classes you should expect to encounter during your human resources degree work.

Employment Laws

One of the keys to a role as a successful human resource representative is understanding employment law. Knowing the rules and regulations governing employee and employer relationships and ensuring an organization complies with labor laws is an important aspect in just about any human resources managerial role. Expect at least one in-depth course in your human resources degree work that deals with such subject matter.

Staffing and Recruiting

Another significant aspect of most human resources work will be that of staffing and recruiting. Meeting the needs of a company or organization when it comes to finding and hiring new employees can certainly be important to a human resource manager’s work, but knowing how to best go about finding the cream of the crop and the individuals who best fit a particular organization or role can be just as important. This is what coursework in staffing and recruiting can help students better understand during their human resources degree work.

Conflict Resolution/Engaging Employees

Part of almost any human resource manager’s role will at some time likely entail resolving issues between team members. A course based around conflict resolution and engaging employees may teach a human resources major ways to develop and work toward solutions to employees issues, handle employee grievances, enhance or facilitate effective communication, and practice techniques geared toward empathy, compassion, and constructive criticism.

Leadership, Coaching, Training, and Counseling

The coursework found in this area of human resources could come under the guise of various class titles, but the gist of such a class might entail learning tips, techniques, and theories that can help a human resources manager better work with and lead employees in and through a variety of situations. By being better educated in the methods of leadership, coaching, training, and counseling, a human resources manager can more effectively motivate and guide his or her team members through the numerous situations that might be encountered both in the workplace as well as in their personal and private lives. Such coursework might also offer information regarding teaching methods to better train or assist in training team members.


Having an understanding of employment benefits can be a crucial element when working in human resources. It’s likely that employees of all levels will seek advice from the human resources department on a variety of matters related to various benefits. From retirement to welfare, legal, health, and unemployment, coursework related to this subject can cover numerous aspects of employee benefits.

Performance Management

Part of the role of a human resources employee may revolve around the administering of performance management. How to develop systems to gauge and track performance, ensuring compliance with these systems, as well as evaluating and giving appraisal of performance might be part of the subject matter covered in this portion of your human resources degree coursework.

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