Benefits of a career in hotel managementIf you’ve ever considered a role in hotel management, you might have heard that the pay isn’t as good as many other management roles. While this can be true, it really depends on your career aspirations, the size and location of the hotel, as well as what type and level of management you decide upon.

In most cases, the larger the hotel, the better the pay. While certain boutique or resort style hotels are the exception to the rule, it is typically larger hotels, in more urban locations, that can offer the better management salaries. If you are looking for a higher rate of pay, then finance, sales, human resources, and upper-level management (i.e. general manager and assistant general manger) type positions will certainly pay more, although most department heads in a major hotel will still make pretty good money, especially if there is a bonus structure in place. But there are more perks to having a career in hotel management than just pulling down a decent paycheck, and these extras can add up significantly over the long haul.


As I mentioned earlier, the pay isn’t always top-notch in the hotel industry. However, many hotels (especially those in larger hotel chains) offer bonus programs that can supplement your yearly salary. These bonuses are often based on customer service scores and meeting revenue goals, hotel, and personal goals. At times, these bonuses can equal as much as thirty percent of your salary!

Free/discounted rooms

Many larger hotel chains will offer free or discounted rooms to their staff when they travel. Some even go so far as to offer ‘friends and family’ rates. This can save you hundreds of dollars when you go on vacation and can make checking availability and booking rooms at hotels much easier.

Free food

While free food might seem a strange benefit to hotel work, when you start doing the math on how much you spend on lunch each week, it can start to add significant savings over the course of a year. Many hotels offer free or reduced priced meals to their management team and sometimes their line level staff as well. While this doesn’t occur in every hotel, as some don’t have the available facilities or resources to feed staff members, in the larger hotels, it is not an uncommon benefit.


Again, while receiving free or reduced cost uniforms doesn’t happen everywhere, you’ll find it more likely within major hotels. Certainly room attendants, engineers, front desk, and wait staff will typically have their uniforms provided, but management may receive suites, ties, dress shirts and other attire, for free, or at a discount.

A unique and exciting work environment

For some, an interesting and unique work environment that constantly keeps them on their toes can be more important than certain monetary rewards or freebies. In the hotel business, you’ll likely have the opportunity to meet all kinds of interesting people, from famous athletes, to various groups, organizations, and companies – maybe even actors or local celebrities! A great part of work in the hotel business is that your daily work environment is ever changing and there is almost always something new going on.

Career variety and advancement

If you are looking for a career in which there is plenty of room for advancement and a variety of roles from which to choose, the hotel business could be just what you’ve been searching for. Working within the hotel industry, you’ll probably a variety of career opportunities available in hotels large or small, urban or rural, national or international. With larger hotel chains, internal transfers are often preferred to hiring outside candidates and you’ll find that you are often encouraged to look at positions outside of your department of expertise to broaden your careers goals and expand your level of experience.

If the hotel business sounds like it might be right for you, check out the Hospitality Schools directory today!