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My experience at Capella has thus far been a great one. I am in the Phd in Education program, and I have found the classes to be quite challenging. I attended a highly esteemed graduate school for my Master's, and I actually find these courses to be more challenging. I currently have a 4.o (as did in my Master's program), and I feel like I have really earned it. In a way online learning is more challenging because you are forced to read every communication between students and faculty in addition to the several chapters per week that are required. There is no chance to just sit back and listen like in a "brick and mortar" university. You have to actively participate. Also, the pace of the ten week classes is pretty intense. Do not let the "flexibility" advantage of online learning fool you into thinking that it is any easier. It simply means that you can choose when to "attend" class online, which may allow yo to balance your job, family and school more readily. Nevertheless, you will be making a considerable sacrifice of your time. Would you expect anything less? No one should enter a doctoral program without wieghing the impact that it will have on one's life.

Capella PhD Student

I am currently a PhD student following the Information Security track. My undergraduate work was completed at the State University of New York, earning a BS in Computer Science (B.S.C.Sci) and a Master in Business Administration (MBA), after doing some researching about various online programs I choose Capella because they are accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. The courses and professors are very flexible with the students and that is one of the many pros I observe, yet the profit* aspect is something worth looking into, tuition is not cheap these days. I believe they provide a good education, meaning not excellent, but again we need to consider that the online university sector is very young.

I am currently teaching and acting as consultant for the City University of New York and wanted to make you all aware that degrees offer at Capella University are recognized by City and State Colleges in New York State.

For me, Capella has been very challenging and rewarding, yet I still have about 1 year to complete my thesis. If you are accustomed to work in an online environment and like working with a computer then this is the school for you, if you are use to work with a physical person this school is not for you. This is my observation of Capella.

Pleased with my choice!
By: egrosenfeld

As with most things in life, you get out of the experience what you put into it. For the almost 3 years that I have been working on my degree, I know I am putting IN a tremendous amount AND I am certainly getting BACK, both from an educational experience. I also believe that the attitude with which you approach your journey makes a big difference. At this point I have completed my coursework, passed my comps, and I am almost ready to submit my dissertation proposal. The overall experience that I have had has been avery positive one. I have worked exceptionally hard to reach this point in my studies and as others have said, I feel that I am EARNING my degree.

In my program, many of the learners at Capella are adults who have extensive experience in the business world. I am also at the point in my academic and professional career that I would not expect an educational institution to hold my hand every step of
the way. If I need additional support, I need to stand up and ask for it. When I have done so, I have immediately be assisted. In looking back at the other educational institutions that I went to, I find Capella a refreshing change. Some mentioned Capella's
focus on money - I hate to break it to you, but this is a business. I'm not sure many institutions that aren't concerned about money? Is the degree I am pursuing a good "value"? I can not compare the cost at Capella to other schools, but I imagine that they
are quite comparable. The personal and professional satisfaction and opportunities that I am capitalizing on are absolutely worth it!

In life you always have choices. I believe that I made the right choice in selecting Capella.

Great School!
By: drjcotter (Graduate)

My Ph.D. was conferred June, 2007, and I must say the process to complete was as strenuous as it was satisfying. This is no diploma mill - one must earn the degree. My paper has been accepted for presentation at the IABE Conference next month in Las
Vegas, and for publishing in the International Journal of Business Research. Double-blind peer reviewed and accepted without modification. I also enjoyed the professional help of my Ph.D. committee as we progressed through the work.

I have no regrets in choosing Capella, and recommend it heartily to others.

Your experience will be what you make it
By: lfilla (Graduate)

I've just completed my degree and I had a wonderful experience. It was a lot of hard work but it was all worth it. I think Capella is an exceptional organization - always looking for feedback from learners and working to improve. I felt supported and encouraged throughout my three years as a student. Not all instructors were great, but most were.

The technology was excellent and I had very few issues. Tech support was helpful and friendly the two times I needed to contact them. Even the transition from Capella's old proprietary online learning environment to WebCT went smoothly for me.

I learned a lot and would not hesitate to recommend Capella to others. Just understand that your experience will be what you make it. This is not high school -- it's up to you to create an excellent graduate school experience, just like it's up to you to create a great career.

A great opportunity
By: angela.grabelle (In Progress)

I am enrolled and finish course work this summer. I have had some fabulous instructors, and a few that were mediocre at best (you find this everywhere). Instructors I have met at residencies have been absolutely AMAZING. The comraderie, the knowledge, and
support make me feel like I made an excellent decision although I struggled as I did not want to get a "cookie cutter" degree at a diploma mill. However, there are people like me who have the ability, the drive, and the will, but do not have the program availability, the time, nor the money to devote 5-10 years earning a degree. I am a single mother of four young children and this university has given me the chance to earn the degree I have dreamed about. I love the fact that my peers who learn with me are from all walks of life, from countries all over the world, and my learning experiences have been far richer
because of the students with whom I learn. I think Capella is doing great things and I am happy to be a part of it.

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