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Ashford University Student Reviews and Feedback

Ashford University

Current Grad Student
Teaching and Learning with Technology Degree
By: Anonymous
I am in my 7th course at Ashford. The experience has been more challenging than a standard on campus program. I have only had one instructor that did not meet my expectations. The courses, text books, and discussions have been relevant. Given my current work demands, the online program works well with my schedule. All questions regarding financial aid are answered. Any questions for my instructors are answered. Technical support is available 24/7 and I have used them 4 times during my educational experience at Ashford. I communicate with my enrollment counselor on a regular basis via email and by phone. Education is what you make of it. I am committed and demand the same from Ahsford.

Ashford made my degree possible
MBA Degree
By: Anonymous
I have read all the comments that range from horrible to great. I completed my B.A. through Ashford and I am currently completing my MBA. I agree that there do seem to be plenty of classmates who cannot write very well, but I do believe we are all entitled to an education. In addition, you can only get what you want out of the education. I agree that some of the classes seemed very easy; however these were classes I had much experience in out on the job. There have been plenty of classes I have spent 8 or more hours on just one assignment because of the difficulty. Again, this was in my accounting classes which I did not have much experience with on the outside. I do not think Ashford is the greatest school out there, but I do think it is the greatest online accelerated program. As far as responses from those who work there, I have seen that they are slow to respond and this can be cumbersome, but they do eventually get back with you. I agree they do need improvement in this area; however, I do not think this is the worst school ever nor do I think it is the greatest. It is what it is and I graduated with my BA in Organizational Management with a 3.92 and currently have a 4.0 in my MBA. Depending what you are looking for, this is a school that can meet your needs. Good luck to everyone pursing their degree whether it be through Ashford or another school of your choosing. An education is something to be proud of no matter where you get your degree.

So far, so good
Social and Criminal Justice Degree
By: Anonymous
So far, my experience at Ashford University has been a pleasant one. My enrollment advisor scheduled "call times" so that we could discuss how I was doing and if I had any questions. He checked in on me quite often throughout my first two classes. Kudos to John Basso. Then I was given an academic advisor who has been nothing but helpful. Anytime I have had a question, she has been there to help me, or to direct me to the person who has the answers, so thanks Brianna.

Financial aid was a hassle in the beginning. They didn't receive my faxes, or needed more information, or something, but once everything was straightened out, it was fine. I have already received my aid for my academic year, and am awaiting my award letter for my next academic year. My financial aid advisor was changed during the first go-around, which I am sure contributed to the mishaps, however, I have had no problems since being assigned my new advisor, Carly.

Also, the first few classes, I was shocked to see some of the students responses, however, now that I am in my sixth class, there are very few, if any, people with those previous communication skills. Anyone who has a HS diploma or GED can attend college (and attaining those are quite easy). I noticed students dropping out of classes, or the teachers writing announements regarding poor communication skills.

The books are quite expensive, in my opinion. I just received my book for my next class, SOC-120 (I believe), and it was quite expensive. $55 for a 119 page book. But so far, I have learned a lot and have attained knowledge I would have otherwise not known.

Trying to keep my 4.0 GPA has really been a challenge, so I would NOT say they are a Degree Mill by any means.

All in all, I find Ashford University to be a very good school. And I've checked out the Accredidations, they are legit.

Ashford University
By: profmijanovich

I found Ashford University to be a wonderful experience. After recieving my P.h.D in Engineering I found it necessary to change my direction in life to teaching and went back to school at Ashford to recieve a Degree in Management and now finishing up in the MA degree in Teaching. There are faults with every program, however I have found Ashford to be a traditional school of learning. On line education is a challange as it puts the responsibility on the student and thus if you need in class room support don't try online education.

Dr. Dennis Mijanovich

Ashford was awesome for me
By: Anonymous

I'm sure everyone's experience is different, but I just graduated with my master's in education, and had a great experience. It was pretty cool to attend graduation, and meet the study group I got to know virtually, and meet face to face. My teachers were always available, they transferred 90 of my community college credits, and were affordable. AS a single mom, cost was important. Oh yeah, and my school district gave me a raise after I received my masters! Pretty cool!

Highly recommended
By: t.swavely

I am currently enrolled in my seventh class at Ashford University, pursuing a bachelor of arts in organizational management online. So far, the program has been wonderful. Classes are five weeks in length, making them fast-paced and intense.

Of course, the student gets out of it what he or she puts into it. Self-discipline, internal motivation, a strong desire to learn, and effective time-management skills are necessary for success. My first class at Ashford covered these personal skills and others, and presented stragies that help strengthen any weaknesses.

Classes at Ashford are competitively priced - a great value. The financial aid process is simple and efficient, and I have found my financial aid advisor very knowledgeable and helpful.

The textbooks for my first two courses were custom editions, available only through the university book store. However, subsequent courses are taught using standard college textbooks widely available for purchase. I have shopped around to compare prices, and have found that the university book store has competitive prices. The only place I have found my textbooks cheaper is on, and their prices are only slightly less.

Ashford uses the BlackBoard platform to deliver online classes. Using BlackBoard, students are required to log in to their class two times per week and to complete assignments in the form of at least one, but usually two, discussion posts and replying to at least two fellow students per discussion every week. In addition to weekly discussions, a final reflective paper which makes up 25% of the course grade is required.

Many instructors take part in weekly discussions and make an effort to interact with each student. However, I have had one class in which the instructor seemed apathetic about interacting with the students. Ashford has procedures in place for problems such as these for students to report problems with instructors or classes. Also, students are given an end-of-course survey after each class in which they can rate the instructor and the quality of the course.

Overall, I feel that Ashford University is a great value for those seeking an online degree. I am very happy with my classes, so far. I researched other organizational management programs, both online and on-campus, and the program content seems to be at least standard, if not superior, to others. I have learned so much already, and am confident that once I complete my degree I will be as knowledgeable and prepared in my career field as graduates from other organizational management programs are. Therefore, I highly recommend Ashford University's online degree program.

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