Medical Billing and Coding ProgramMedical billing is submitting and following up claims to Insurance companies for medical treatment. The Medial Biller interacts between the health care provider and Insurance Companies, Government programs or private individuals. The work is detailed and suits individuals who like to be precise.

Because the process is complex it requires considerable care, especially if the bill is not to be refused by an Insurance Company. To do this successfully it is important to understand the numerous medical insurance plans, as well as the laws and regulations connected with them.

This is, in reality, two different jobs. Each medical process bears a code and this stage is called coding. The health care provider makes a diagnosis, decides the medication needed, considers the symptoms or the treatment required, each process has a code. Entering these codes correctly into the paper work is vital if the system is to run smoothly. When this has been done the second stage starts and the Biller checks the work is correct and distributes the bill. This is usually done electronically. It is possible to specialize in either job or do both.

Rates of payment for each code are predetermined between the health care provider and the Insurance Company. Medical Billers are needed in hospitals, large Health Care Facilities, private Medical Clinics and Medical Insurance Companies and they are becoming more common. Because much of this work is done online rather than through paper work, this is a job that can be done from home. Having a medical billing degree will help in further enhancing one’s career and in addition will add more credibility.

Legal Matters

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (1996) ensures certain things, including that the Medical Profession follow regulations to provide services but protect patient’s records.

Title 1 ensures protection for someone and their family when they lose a job.

Title 2 is the electronic transmission of financial and administrative dealing including billing, electronic claims and reimbursement advice

What Qualifications do you Need?

In theory none and the level of entry requires lower educational levels than for other medical fields. However, medical Billers are being encouraged to become certified by taking the CMBS exam or the RHIA exam. These can be done online. At the same time the better educated the person is the greater their chance of being employed. It is worth ensuring you train with an accredited medical billing school for the best qualifications and training.

Current Procedural Terminology is the registered trademark of Medical Billing.

The amount of salary received will depend on a number of things. The geographical location you live in, that is areas which are expensive to live in demand higher pay, the type of company you work for, your educational level and the amount of experience in the work you have.

Advancement and therefore pay increases can come from different sources. If you become a supervisor or member of the management team your pay scales will be higher. Specialization in various areas like medical coding and cancer registry can also be useful.

On going education is important to keep up to date with the constant changes in coding and the details of the work. Finding an employer who will pay for this continuous education is a helpful way of staying up to date without it costing you money. There are also many online colleges that offer online medical billing programs.

This is one of the fastest growing careers and there are numerous advancement opportunities so it is a good foundation for other clerical work. Increasingly Medical Billing is being taken over by specialist organizations. They can avoid mismanagement of the accounts, simple errors and can keep track of cash flow more easily than a busy health care provider. There is usually a forty hour week, working from Monday to Friday. Pay can be up to forty dollars an hour. However, individual salaries will be determined by the levels of training and how effectively that person uses their skills. Patience is required because bills can be refused by the Insurance Companies but they can also be resubmitted.

Top Medical Billing Programs

Ultimate Medical Academy
A Leader in Healthcare Training – UMA is a dynamic career school that has been exclusively focused on training students to succeed in the healthcare industry for over 15 years. We are ABHES accredited. ABHES is the only agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as both an institutional and specialized accreditor focusing on health care education and training.
  • Medical Billing and Coding Diploma
Ultimate Medical Academy
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Bryant & Stratton College
Bryant & Stratton College has been providing quality education since 1854. That’s over 150 years of experience. Learning, growth, and success aren’t just words at Bryant & Stratton — they’re the foundations of our college. They’re at the heart of what we do every day, for every one of our students, from enrollment to graduation and beyond. Our first-rate faculty supports our students by providing the kind of personalized attention they deserve. The curriculum is grounded in the belief that every student is unique — that’s what makes a Bryant & Stratton education so special.
  • Associate of Applied Science – Medical Reimbursement & Coding
  • Medical Reimbursement & Coding Certificate
Bryant & Stratton College
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Everest College
At Everest College, you will gain the career training and critical skills needed to start a rewarding career. You are assured of a valuable education that responds to the needs of industry. Everest College continually evaluates and updates educational programs in such fields as Medical Assisting, Medical Billing and Computerized Office Applications. Our instructors have the ability to motivate and develop your talents to their greatest potential, and get you ready for today’s business world.
  • Diploma Program in Medical Billing & Coding
Everest College
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Kaplan College
Looking to gain a competitive edge in your career? Kaplan College offers a learning experience that is anything but typical. Our faculty and staff are not just academics—they’re seasoned professionals who can give you the real-world knowledge you need to succeed. And we offer a flexible and accelerated schedule designed to meet the needs of your busy life.
  • Certificate: Medical Billing / Coding
  • Certificate: Medical Insurance Technician
  • Diploma: Medical Administrative and Insurance Specialist
  • Diploma: Medical Coding and Billing
  • Diploma: Medical Insurance Coder
Kaplan College
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