Ahh…spring break.  Those words can conjure up visions of wild times and hot bods.  They can bring to bear all sorts of plans and ideas spilling forth from current students while bringing all sorts of great memories flooding back for college graduates.  However, for as fun and exciting as spring break can be for those in school, it can also be expensive.  And such costs can come at a time when money is at a premium and college costs are eating heavily into your available funds.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to give up all plans of a great spring break.  Instead, you might just have to consider a few ways to save for or make more of your spring break without necessarily breaking the bank.

Network with Friends

If you find that you’re a little short on cash, but still want to have a great time during spring break, your vacation dreams might only be a roommate or classmate away.  You may have a friend or classmate within your network of associates that has a lake house, a condo down in Florida, a place up in the mountains or some other fantastic getaway that’s only a tank full of gas or two away.

Sometimes all it takes is to ask those in your close network of friends what they’re doing for spring break to get invited along, with little else but gas and food money to start the good times rolling.

Road Trip

Sometimes it’s the old fashion road trip that can make for a fun and affordable spring break and create some awesome memories in the process.  Sure, gas costs might be high, but if you can find a few good friends to take along, splitting the costs of gas and food can keep expenses down and keep the good times flowing.  If you don’t want to spend a lot on expensive hotel rooms, consider making it a camping road trip, stopping at camp sites or state or national parks along the way to cut down on expenses.  A road trip with good friends can be a good time and a great way to see the country without spending a ton of cash.

Just go Home

After a long semester away from school, you might just be looking forward to some good rest and relaxation, some hardcore television watching, a few home-cooked meals, and a chance to recuperate from the stresses of college life.  Heading home could be the perfect way to catch up on your laziness skills and save some cash on spring break travel in the process.  Not everyone has to do something every spring break.  Even the hardest partiers need a chance to catch their breath once in a while and maybe pad their wallet a little bit in the process.


Speaking of padding your wallet, while it might not be the most fun option for spring break, working is not only a good way to earn some extra money, but by working and keeping busy, it might also be a great way not to spend extra money over spring break.  While you may only have a week or two off, many college students know the value of a dollar, and each buck you make over your break can count when you’re going to school and funds are tight.




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