I like to travel, but as a self-employed individual, I often have to take my work with me when I go. Since the majority of my work is done from the privacy of my own home and on a laptop — much as a student might conduct his or her online studies — this means I can take my work with me just about anywhere. This opens up all kinds of options and opportunities to relax and have fun with my family in a variety of different places, while still being productive.


While not everywhere I go is necessarily conducive to my regular work, and I might not be able to work as I normally would from my home office, this doesn’t necessarily mean I still can’t maintain some semblance of productivity when we’re on the go. It’s often the same for students when they’re studying, and being on the go doesn’t mean you must give up trying to do a little schoolwork in the process.

Odd Locations

Since my family and I enjoy the outdoors, many of our away-from-home activities center around things like going to the beach, camping, hiking, and canoeing. You might be wondering how the heck somebody is going to maintain any sort of productivity at all while doing such things.

Well I admit, sometimes it’s hard, and as I mentioned, the work I get done at such places or when participating in such activities isn’t always what I would normally be doing. But sometimes getting away from a normal schedule can actually be a good thing in order to evaluate current work habits and consider new or modified ones.


I find that certain outdoor activities can be conducive to coming up with new projects, ideas, and fresh outlooks and perspectives. Being able to get outside and clear my mind from the normal rabble that clutters and consumes it may open it to new ideas and ways of doing things. It is also a way to keep me productive when I’m away from the office and my computer.

Being able to float down a river, lounge on a beach, or camp under the stars can be great ways to let new ideas just come to me and explore areas that I don’t normally have the time for or the ability to fully think through or concentrate upon during normal operating hours.

Utilizing New Resources

It can be easy to get stuck in a rut when working from or studying in the same place or even different places in the same location. Being in a different location however, may not only allow for the opportunity to develop new ideas for how to do your work, but also provide opportunities to meet new people with whom to discuss your work techniques.

I’ve picked up a variety of work and productivity enhancing ideas when on vacation or visiting a new location that have helped me hone and develop my work habits.

Goal and Productivity Evaluations

I find that when I’m out of the home and in a new location, sometimes I’m just not in the mood or position to work. But this doesn’t mean I can’t make my time at least a little productive. Getting out from under the blanket of routine and normal work conditions can give you time to re-evaluate just how you’re doing things and where you are headed.

That clearing of the head that often comes with removing yourself from your everyday environment can sometimes lead to more defined goals and a more pronounced ability to evaluate your situation and where it’s headed from an outside prospective.

Coming up With New Work Methods

When you’re out of your comfort zone, sometimes you’re forced to come up with new and innovative work methods. And while these might not always be the ways you would typically conduct your work or studies, sometimes you might actually stumble upon a productivity enhancer or new way of doing something.

You could discover that certain things that you are forced to do in such situations might actually be better or more efficient. If nothing else, being put in such a situation could be a confirmation that your regular work habits are serving you well.

Disclaimer: The author is not a licensed educational professional or academic advisor. This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal, financial or educational advice. Any action taken by the reader due to the information provided in this article is solely at the reader’s discretion.