Test preparation study time

Depending upon your living situation, it can be tough to break away from distractions.  While you might be able to work through certain things like ambient noise or the phone ringing, if you really need to get some quality work done, concentrate on your studies or prepare for a test or exam, it could just be too much to handle.  In situations like this, you may find that it’s best to consider alternative options to help you get the most out of your available study time.

A Variety of College Campus Options

Whether you’re living in a dorm, fraternity, sorority, house, or apartment, it can be tough to study with other people around.  Plus, there can be the distractions of the phone, the Internet, the television, video games, etc., etc.

This is when it might be a good time to get out of your place of residence and visit a good, quiet spot on campus.  This might be one of the school’s libraries, the student union building, a dorm lounge, or just a nook you know about tucked away somewhere in one of the buildings on campus.  If the weather permits, a nice spot outdoors where you can enjoy nature, yet get some good study time in might also work.

At Home?  Break Away

Responsibilities around the house might be tethering you to your location, and while items such as the childcare duties, family meals, pets, and other restrictions might be keeping you at home, these same responsibilities could be making it difficult to study.  Otherwise, if you’re living with parents or have siblings around, these people could be making it stressful and tough to concentrate as well.

If you can have someone else pick up the slack for a little while, you might find that it’s best to break completely from the home environment to get some good studying done.  Sticking around the house could have you continually distracted — even if you’re working hard to stay on task — and focusing more on your home duties than your studies.  Hitting a local coffee shop, café, restaurant, a friend’s house (if it’s conducive to your studies), local library, or similar spot — even if it’s just for an hour or two — could help eliminate all those chores that might be vying for your attention at home.

Can’t Get Away? Consider This

But sometimes, as much as you’d like to, you just can’t break away.  Either you don’t have any transportation, can’t leave the kids, or just don’t really have anywhere else you want to or could go.  It’s times like these when you might be forced to make due with what you have at home.  Therefore, seeking out an office space away from the majority of the hustle and bustle of your home’s activities, or using a hidey-hole of sorts in the attic, garage, bathroom, or maybe outside in the yard during nicer weather could help you better concentrate on your studies.  And if these don’t work, maybe just using some ear plugs or headphones with music that’s conducive to your studies could do the trick to block out some of those focus-breaking distractions.