How to increase your productivity in college

As a college student, one of the most valuable assets you can have is knowing how to be productive. Soon after starting college, you’ll begin to experience the rush of assignments, studying, conducting research and reading. Each one challenging your productivity. Productivity is a learning process and here’s some ways to get started:

Specify Your Workspace

The place you will identify as your designated school workspace will be dependent on the type of classes you take. While you may be a little tight for space if you are in a dorm room, online classes give you the benefit of being at home. Though it may seem easier to have the comfort of home to complete assignments, it is easy to become distracted by all of the chaos of everyday life — work, bills, even toys — they are all distractions! Find a place where you can go when completing assignments for school, like the library or designate a specific desk in your room as your school workspace. As time goes on, you will begin to associate that space with working limiting the amount of time it takes for you to gain focus.

Stay Off the Internet

If you’ve ever spent time in the living room of a channel surfer, chances are, you found it difficult to retain any of the channels you saw. The same can be said of random websurfing while you are supposed to be concentrating on a school assignment. Eliminate the distractions of social networking sites, news and email by resisting the urge to open your laptop. When you have to use the internet for research, use only the sites you need.

Turn Off the Phone

When you’ve designated specific time aside to focus on your school work, turn off your cellular device. In a way this corresponds with staying off the internet, but the greatest danger from a cell phone to your productivity is push alerts. Instead of being distracted with every status post from your friend and every text message of invites from your friends, turn the phone on silent and place it in your bag.

Use Wasted Time

One of the advantages of technology is mobility to just about any location you have to go. If you’re going to a place where you know there’ll be a wait, like your doctor’s office, take your iPad with you and download your text or research you need to go over. With iPhone, you can even download Pages for creating documents on the go, which can be saved in Word or PDF format.

Keep the TV Off

Television is great for those times when you need to kick your feet up and relax. As much fun as it is to watch that next episode of Orphan Black, it’s really not the show you should be trying to watch while completing a school assignment. Imagine your embarrassment with a report that includes a lowdown on the last night’s episode.

Stop Trying to Be Perfect

Perfection is impossible, so why are you spending so much wasted time trying to achieve it? Perfection needs to be approached as a learning process. With more experience and knowledge, you will reach new heights of achievement. Until then, put forth your best effort and don’t get yourself hung up smaller aspects of a larger project. Complete what you can and if you have extra time, go back and make adjustments.

While college can be overwhelming, staying focused will increase your productivity, which in turn will decrease your stress and increase your grades.