Let’s face it. At some point in your academic experience, one of your instructors will likely make a mistake when grading an assignment. Before you jump the gun and make a bad impression with your instructor, slow down and find the best way to approach your instructor about the issue.

Make Sure The Answer is Correct

First of all, don’t make a fool of yourself. There’s nothing more embarrassing than making a scene and in the course of explaining why your right, you realize you’re majorly wrong. Double check, triple check and then check again.

Realize – You Instructor is Human

Just as everyone makes mistakes, your instructor is human. Cut him some slack.

Lighten the Approach

Instead of sending out an email blantenly accusing your instructor of targeting your paper, use a softer approach. Be kind.

Avoid the Word ‘You’

Avoid saying things like, “You’ve made a mistake,” “You need to get your act together,” or “You should have not taken this point away from me.” Using the word ‘you’ puts places the person immediately on the defensive.

Blame Youself

When approaching your instructor, it is sometimes better to act as though your don’t understand how you lost points. If a mistake has been made and you ask your instructor to explain it, he will automatically give you the points back once he realizes his mistake. This is a great way of being polite and avoiding any hard feelings.

Be Professional

With any correspondence that you have with your instructor, be professional. Don’t use slang. Don’t raise your voice. Use proper salutations and thank your instructor for his time.