As a young adult, it can be difficult to know what it’s going to be like moving into the real working world.  Even if you’ve had part-time jobs in high school and college, it might not give you the same feel or experience as when you enter the environment in which your will pursue your true career path.

harsh workplace realities

And while you might find your dream job with your dream employer, you may still encounter some harsh workplace realities.

Some People May Want You to Fail

While hopefully you’re not one of those people who others have a great desire to see fail, not everyone may want to see you succeed either.  Why?  Because in certain situations, your failure is their success.  By you failing, and possibly turning the boss’s attention to your shortcomings and mistakes, you draw attention away from them and could possibly make it appear that they are doing a better job — even if it’s really only a mediocre one — in the process.

Not Everyone Will Like You

I don’t think I’ve ever worked in a place where someone didn’t have at least one negative thing to say about someone else.  While this doesn’t mean you will have mortal enemies in the workplace, it also doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed everyone will like you.

It’s just a fact of life; even if you’re the kindest, funniest, most honest person out there, it’s still possible that someone will find a reason not to like you.  I found that the sooner I could accept this and move on with my working life, the easier it became to push away negativity and focus instead upon the reason I was there…to do my job.

You Won’t Succeed Every Time

If you’re expecting to get into a job or career in which you succeed in every role, aspect, and work project you take on, you might be sorely disappointed.  It’s highly unlikely that you will step into a job and never make a mistake.

While I hated to screw up in the working world, I found that it happens occasionally and must be dealt with.  I realized that when it happens, if I accepted responsibility, fixed the issue, and took steps to ensure that it didn’t happen again, things typically worked themselves out and we were able to move forward.

I have seen people recover from some pretty major mistakes during the course of my working career.  However, what I realized from this is that in many roles, you can screw up pretty bad, but if it was an honest mistake, you have done everything possible to fix it, and you don’t have a record of consistent errors, many bosses will be willing to work with you to solve the problem rather than just boot you out the door.

You’re Replaceable

Sometimes — especially after you have been in a role for a while and have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge about your particular niche or area at work — it might not seem as if you’re replaceable, but in almost every case, you are.

It might take time to train a new person, it might make it difficult for the company to move ahead for some time, and you could be taking a huge amount of company information with you, making the decision to proceed without you a poor one, but chances are, the company will recover…even without you.

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