There can certainly be downsides when you move back in with your parents as an adult.  Loss of privacy, a hit to personal pride, embarrassment about the living situation, or just the fact that you’re crammed back into your old room again are but a few such detractors to such a move.  However there may be a variety of upsides as well.  Beyond mom doing your laundry for you, getting some good home-cooked meals again, and having someone there for companionship or even babysitting if you have kids, there are multiple financial benefits that could come with moving back in with the parents.

Rent/Mortgage Reduction

Maybe one of the greatest advantages of moving back home with the parents could be the savings that come with ditching a monthly rent or mortgage payment.  Even if you decide to chip in for rent at your parents’ place, you could still be saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars on these costs.  Then there are the additional expenses you may avoid such as home or renter insurance, property taxes, utilities, repair and maintenance costs, and decorating and furnishing costs that could add thousands of additional dollars in savings.


Splitting Food Costs

Another area in which you might find significant savings when moving back in with the parents is in food costs.  Even if you’re chipping in for food, being able to take a more communal approach toward meals can having the savings adding up.  Utilizing new meal ideas, learning about new ingredients, making use of leftovers, reducing waste, and stretching food dollars by using meal “fillers” are all advantages you could realize by having more people with which to share food responsibilities, preparations, and costs.

Increased Savings

All the cost cutting advantages of moving home though could be negated if you don’t find these savings staying in your accounts.  The ability to put money away could be negated completely if you find yourself overindulging in special treats that eat away at those savings while living at home.  By making an effort to stash a majority of what would otherwise be going toward the aforementioned costs — even if you do splurge a little bit from time to time — can have you socking away the cash to be put toward things like a larger downpayment on a future home, paying down student loans, placing a security deposit on an apartment, or even putting this money toward retirement savings.


Time might seem like an odd addition to the financial benefits of moving back in with your parents.  However, the time you find yourself without extra housing-related costs, or even just to recover from what might have been a rough patch in your life, could allow you to catch your breath, get your head straight, and re-evaluate your life.

If looking for a home or an apartment, this extra time might not only allow you to find the right situation for your needs, but save you from mistakes due to being in a hurry, and even help your negotiating stance.  Being able to step back and view a potential living arrangement objectively, knowing that there’s no hurry to buy or make a decision can strengthen your hand in negotiations and give you the freedom to walk away if a seller isn’t willing to work with you.

While some people might view moving back in with the parents with disdain, it’s not necessarily always a bad decision.  Parents could actually enjoy having you back home — at least for a little while — it could financially help all those involved by way of expense sharing, and it could give you the time you need to get your life organized and back on track.



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