Benefits of a Job PromotionSometimes the perception of added work or responsibility can be a deterrent to advancement opportunities.  Often though, the correlation between promotions and harder work can be a fallacy.  In fact, many cases of promotion result in exactly the opposite result.  While there might be more experience required to advance to a higher position, the required effort once there might be less than what you were experiencing in a lesser role.  There are plenty of other benefits to receiving a job promotion besides just the possibility of a lightened workload though.

Job security

In many cases, the higher you move up the corporate ladder, the more secure your job becomes.  While almost everyone in a company is vulnerable to losing their job, often the higher on the totem pole you get, the harder it becomes to get rid of you.  This is one of the top benefits of a job promotion, since without job security, you wouldn’t have a job, and without a job, there is no reason to discuss the benefits of a promotion.

Increased decision-making power

Closely linked to job security is decision making.  When you are in control, or at a level at which you have input to those who are in control, you can better affect the outcome of important decisions.  When layoffs or similar decisions that could directly affect your position or quality of life at work are being made, being able to direct or sway the decision-making process can be a wonderful benefit to being promoted.  Again, while initially benefits such as pay, health care, extra time off, etc. might seem to rank ahead of increased decision making abilities, those benefits are all moot if someone above you decides to rescind them once you’ve accepted the promotion.


Now we get to the good stuff regarding the added incentives of your new position.  In some cases, the initial monetary increase associated with a career move might not be substantial, but the associated benefits can prove a surprising motivator.  Stock options, less time spent at work, bonus plans, the ability to travel, an expense account, a company car, company outings, and the chance for further advancement, are among the many benefits that might suddenly become available to you due to a promotion.  This fact is often illustrated by bigwig corporate CEOs who decide to work for a dollar a year, but end up collecting millions in bonuses and stock options at the end of the year while they travel to all sorts of exotic destinations on the corporate jet.

Personal happiness

Last, but certainly not least, is personal happiness.  A promotion does little good if you are so unhappy with your work that you decide to quite shortly thereafter.  Being happy on the job can not only makes your working life better but your family and personal life better as well.  All the previous benefits may mean nothing if you don’t like what you do.

Finally, once you do have that promotion in hand you need to keep up your performance and many a times this will require that you gain additional qualifications. One way to continue on the job training is to enroll in online courses, take a look at our online degrees channel where you will find a plethora a courses to chose from.