Whether you’re applying for college or a job, keeping a careful eye on your resume can make all the difference. Even just a slight error could be the thing that deters your application from being accepted, which in turn could has lasting repercussions on your educational and career future.

application and resume issues

Here are a few important items to watch for when submitting an application or providing a resume for review.


It can be critical to the success of your endeavor that you proofread the application and/or resume that you’re preparing to submit. Going over your document multiple times, printing it out and seeing it on paper, reading it aloud, and having at least one other person review it before turning it over to the party or parties who will be reviewing it, can help you catch any errors that might still be lurking in the document.

Consider Your Audience

Before you submit an application or resume, taking some time to consider your audience and mold your document(s) could help you better fit them to their needs. Being able to adapt your education, experience, and background to better fit the organization with which you’re applying could increase your chances of their looking favorably upon your application.


However, changing a document for a particular audience, but then forgetting to readjust your information the next time (if there is a next time) you use that document, could leave you missing the mark.

For example, molding your personal information on a resume to meet a certain organization’s desired requirements could help you in the near term, but then setting that resume aside for several years only to pick it up after that time-frame, dust it off and immediately expect to use it again, could having you falling short with information that is now outdated.

Watch that Email

Using your personalized email address might not be the best idea in the world if it’s not one that might be considered professional. Even items that might seem funny or silly to you, could act against you when utilizing them in a more professional situation. Consider using email addresses that frame you in the best possible light and that don’t have you looking immature, unprofessional or ignorant.

Missing Information

Sometimes, all it might take is some missing information to invalidate an application or cause a resume to be by-passed in the search for a qualified applicant. This again, is why proofreading can be so pertinent to your application and resume preparation process.

Even the little things such as ensuring you have the proper and updated phone number or email address listed or having the proper employment dates and employer references available could mean the difference between being considered for a spot with a particular organization or institution and having to continue your search.

Disclaimer: The author is not a licensed educational professional or academic advisor. This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal, financial or educational advice. Any action taken by the reader due to the information provided in this article is solely at the reader’s discretion.