Things to avoid when applying to collegeApplying to college is big step. One that will mold the landscape of your future and possibly change the course of your life. When you’ve completed all of the research and settled on a school that meets all of you needs, it’s certain that you will want you application to go through and be successful. Each school receives a mound of applications each year that requires for a group of people to sort through them to choose the applicants right for their school.

With so many applicants to choose from, even the minorest mistake could mean the difference between attending the school of your dreams or attending your second or even third choice.


Colleges clearly outline their expectations and requirements for application and they expect students to follow them. There is nothing more annoying to have a student who believes the rules don’t apply to them or that they should be given special leniency. When you read over the terms of the application process, be sure to make special note of each of the due dates and plan them out accordingly. Don’t wait until the last minute. You’ll miss out on essential revision and proofreading stages…


Forgetting To Proofread

Proofreading is just a super simple way to make sure that every element of your application is precisely as you want it to be. This is the stage where it is most important to allocate enough time into your schedule to make sure it is done correctly. As with any college essay or school assignment you need to complete, proofreading should be a priority. If possible, don’t just stop at proofreading it yourself, but allow friends and family to give you their thoughts. Not everyone’s an expert on grammar and spelling, but they can at least offer an opinion to the image you are presenting. It’s also helpful to find someone with a strong background in grammar and spelling to ensure that you have every portion of your paper in order.


Not Following Instructions

It’s disheartening to a school admissions is when a perfectly good applicant cannot be accepted simply because he failed to follow the instructions. For the most part, you’ll find step-by-step instructions in black and white on the school’s website or sent to you in the mail. If you need to, make copies and highlight the pertinent information you need to know. Things like what forms you need to collect, deadlines and essay components.

As you go over the application process, give yourself some time to prepare. For letters of recommendation, send out an email or call to request them as soon as you receive your application. There are


Repeating Yourself

When completing your application, you’ll want to work on highlighting the skills and activities which have prepared you for success in your education. While it’s extremely important to include these things, be careful just home many times you include them. School admission teams are trained to quickly identify the things that indicate they have found an extraordinary student, and little effort besides a slight mention is needed.


Overlooking Research Opportunities

While every admission application varies in the format and questions required, there are common similarities between them all. This is where you can use research to your advantage. Research information about the school and gather information about the applicants they look for. Are you formatting the information in your application with their expectations in mind? Some schools take pride in athleticism, while others in the arts. If you have attributes and experience which coincide with the school’s mission statement, highlight them.

You can also gain a great deal of insight into how to complete your application through research. Students don’t have the advantage of years of experience sifting through applications, college admission do. Those closely involved in the college admission process have a wealth of knowledge available to potential students. Some write books, others share their experience on blogs and still others provide websites targeted towards students working on completing their admission application. Seek out these resources and gain some perspective on how they understand applications and what they look for.

By avoiding these college admission traps, you’ll find the tools necessary to make your college application stand out above the rest!