So you’ve found the perfect college. Congratulations!

Campus life comes with its own challenges and rewards, much of which can prove to be a little daunting on the waistline. Before you enter into this fun and exciting new chapter of your life, here are a few tips to help prepare you for your exciting life on campus:

Eat Smart

It can be challenging to find healthy foods when you’re in a hurry to work on an assignment or have a limited amount of space to store fresh fruits and vegetables. Having a limited budget only adds to the challenge.

Take advantage of fruits and vegetables that don’t require refrigeration and before you arrive, map out the closest grocery stores and check out pricing. Don’t be afraid to ask other students for advice of the places to go for the best deals. Former students always have more knowledge about the local area than the Internet can provide.

Stay away from ‘easy’ microwave meals and fast food. The are more convenient, but also full of preservatives and fatty acids that leave you feeling groggy and bloated.


Exercise is not only something that helps a person lose weight or tone muscle. It’s also a great way to reduce and cope with stress. If you aren’t already in the habit of exercising regularly, start now.

There’s a time once you begin an exercise regimen where exercise becomes less of a chore and turns into something to look forward to and enjoy. To make the transition a little easier, get yourself to that stage of enjoying it before you begin your new life on the college campus.

Learn to Cope with Stress

How do you handle stress? College is definitely not the place where you want to go losing your temper when you get stressed. College is hard and assignments get stressful. Everyone has a different way of handling stress…some choose Yoga, some use stress balls or zen gardens and others use exercise. Figure out what method works best for you.

Keep Your Posture

Sloughing. There’s no good that comes from sloughing and the damage that it causes on your spine and back. You’ll be sitting through a lot of classes so do what you can to keep your back in great shape. At this point you may want to start thinking about taping a board onto you back….okay, so you might not want to go to that extreme!

Great posture also serves to be a great asset later after college when your searching for your first job. Great posturing will give the impression of self confidence and assurance that employers are looking for.

Be aware of your surroundings in college and take steps towards giving yourself a healthy life. Maintaining your health will not only help to improve you state of mind, but help to keep you focused and driven on your goals!