Big ten schools is an online portal that leads you to the various comprehensive degree programs, certificate courses and accredited colleges and universities. But that is not all! also brings for you a comprehensive listing of the Big Ten Schools.

Here you can checkout the precise information about the big ten schools and make your choice. The list includes University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Illinois, The University of Minnesota, Northwestern University, Purdue University, Indiana University, The University of Iowa, The Ohio State University, The University of Michigan, Michigan State University, and The Pennsylvania State University.

Big ten schools are here; opt for the one that best suits your requirements!

University of Illinois and The University of Minnesota that form part of the big ten schools include an array of colleges that offer specializations in various subjects of interest. Along with the traditional undergraduate and graduate degree programs in the divisions of business, engineering, education, sciences etc., University of Wisconsin-Madison also offers professional programs in law, medicine, pharmacy and the like.

With undergraduate, graduate and professional programs Northwestern University, The University of Michigan, Michigan State University also form part of the big ten schools. Amongst the other big ten schools Purdue University, Indiana University and The University of Iowa are well organized with a list of colleges offering various professional undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs to students.

The Pennsylvania State University and The Ohio State University are again some of the big ten schools who have received top ranking for the programs they offer. The colleges and universities in the big ten schools are a part of the Big Ten Conference, a college athletic conference. The member schools of the big ten schools at participate in various athletic and sports events like baseball, basketball, football, cross country, golf, gymnastics, swimming, wrestling, tennis and the like. Haven’t you made your choice yet??



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